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Featured Client

.Net Project for a Danish Company

Option Matrix has been working over last 2 years for an IT solutions firm in Denmark that provides portal solutions to sports clubs

Definition of Business

Our purpose of doing business is to work alongside highly intelligent inventors, business leaders & entrepreneurs. We love technology and enjoy bringing ideas to life.

Our slogan is “Do great work and the rest is easy”. We really truly want to do consistent excellent work in every project so that our associates and clients who know the full insider picture of our company are totally comfortable in recommending our business to their friends and family members. We gauge our success based on the fraction of our revenue that comes from repeat and referral business. We call this belief as “family filter” and use it a lot in our decision making.


Technology driven business transformation


INVENT and deliver personalized, reliable and affordable technology based solution frameworks for construction, healthcare and financial services worldwide


Market driven companies are common place. They are beginning to look like clones of each other and often lack self belief. We are building a self driven company. We run the business based on a personal philosophy and scout for clients who can patronise our work.

User Interface is 50% of software, we specialise in this dimension.  The greatest challenge in software development is not technology but the ability to understand business requirements and translate them into a valid, useful solution; this is our primary skill.  We do not recruit anybody with an IQ less than 110; this gives us superior problem solving skills and better R&D expertise

Our differentiation is being cultivated as follows:

  • Affordability through the offshore advantage
  • Quality and engineering excellence
  • Industry Insight
  • Experience curve
  • Ready to use solution frameworks

Current Position

We have 12-15 active projects / clients and serve 3 industries viz. financial services, construction and healthcare. The company has one development center with a team of 42 employees.

Progress goals

We expect a team of 50+ associates by end of 2016 distributed between 2 development centers. The number of concurrent client projects will expand to 15-18 by end of 2016. Our target is grow to 100+ employees by 2018 and this will be distributed across 3 development centers with about 24 to 30 clients as follows:

Healthcare – 30 associates (6 – 8 active clients / projects)
Financial Services – 40 associates (12 – 14 active clients / projects)
Construction – 30 associates (6 – 8 active clients / projects)

Every industry group will have at least 20 percent of associates dedicated towards R&D to incubate new technologies and build solution frameworks that we will offer to small businesses in our target segments as a starting point for personalized technology driven solutions for business transformation.

Custom Application Development

Option Matrix believes in transforming the client business through custom application development. Most generalized software is no better than an automated excel sheet. Since it is widely available, it delivers no competitive advantage at all. There are two compelling reasons to invest in a custom software solution: (1) No ready-made software does exactly what you need. (2) Control and ownership of the software that runs your business is necessary or desirable as a strategic asset. If your business must work the way you have designed it and you are serious about your ambition, growth and competitive advantage, then a custom software solution may be the best option. Know More

Industry specialization

We like to work in a wide range of industries. However since we focus on custom application development, we get a lot of projects in healthcare, financial services and construction industries. Hence we have started directing our marketing efforts in these industries. Know More