Field Automation Solution

Our field service management software bridges the gap between the office and the field force. The mobile app for the field force integrates seamlessly with the web application in real-time, allowing the HQ to receive instant updates on any project. This framework is currently for service providers in the construction or manufacturing space, future development plans will include modules for sales, mobile healthcare, and individual users.

Field Management Software Features

Explore and experience high efficiency and accuracy in recording safety inspection results.

Field service management software

Create Checklists

You can create Job Orders specific to Clients, define checklist templates and assign tasks, activities to the field officers.

Record Task Activity

Field Officers can capture all the data required to close the job order including consumables, spares and upload images to capture observations on a mobile application.

Submit Claims

Field Officers can submit claims for the expenses such as Food, Travel, and Medical through the mobile platform which can then be approved by the reporting managers through the web.

Summary Report

An interactive dashboard provides an overview of jobs, activities, and claims and a summary of various upcoming and overdue tasks along with graphical representation showing distribution trends.

Manage Clients

Users need to create clients for adding the Job Cards.

Record Images

Images are recorded for each Detail of Repair section from mobile login.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Field force automation solutions

Job Order Creation

Job orders are created for clients and assigned to the team.

Each job order can contain ā€˜nā€™ number of job cards.

Can download the work progress for each job order in an excel format.

View Reports and Download

Provides the feasibility to view the reports and download the reports in PDF format.

The ability to edit the details from preview mode is provided.

Records the Issue no and Rev no. for each Job Card.

Custom field management software

Other Features

Activities and Checklists

Create activity checklists and add actions tagged to due dates. Assign activities by tagging checklists to teams.

Manage Users

Admin creates users and assigns roles and access to the application.

Lookup Options

Various roles, categories for the screens are added.

Event & Error Log

Every event of the application is recorded along with a timestamp and Errors triggered in the application are recorded along with the URL.


The dashboard provides an overview of jobs, activities, and claims. Summary of various upcoming and overdue tasks can be viewed from this section along with respective analytics.

Claims and Approvals

Claims can be requested through the mobile app by citing the reason and the amount. An image upload feature allows for any bills to be uploaded if needed.

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