Healthcare Scheduling

Case Study

Option Matrix along with diagnostics operations staff and stake holders, has provided order and revenue management system. Through in-depth process assessment and gap-analysis of our internal process, This application has helped in streamlining appointment scheduling in real-time scenario and managing medical reports and billing information. The major modules include are patient and test management, revenue management, scheduling and insurance. It also helped in avoiding the lag in reporting time and need for separate documentation and reporting mechanism.

Dr. Kevin Vinall

Director of Operations | Texas Medical Alliance

We do significant amount of work on diagnostic services and scheduling, which involves large amount of data entry and document upload, which used to be a tedious and time taking activity. Along with Option Matrix Technical team and solution expertise we are in continuous process of design and upgrade of a comprehensive and secure medical management system.

Dr. David Balat

Texas Medical Alliance

Option Matrix help our Organisation develop a Scheduling Software, which helps us alot as we are a Mobile Diagnostics Company and Scheduling is a big component of what we do.

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