EMR and Clinical Scheduling for Medical Clinics

This solution is for small and mid sized clinics and hospitals that want to have electronic medical records and track health insurance claims. Patient database is maintained and comprehensive visit records are logged. Multiple locations can be integrated and there is a reporting module to monitor and control the system. User management, rights management and event logging are included.

Key features

Clinical Scheduling provides a web and mobile friendly solution

Patient DB

Provides to maintain the patient database and visits happen.


Appointments are scheduled based on the internal physician availability.

Business Centers

Can maintain ā€˜nā€™ no. of centers and each one is assigned with colour code.


Internal physician records the notes at the time of diagnosis.

Mobile Responsive

Provides mobile friendly clinical notes for Internal Physicians.


Provides different views of statistics based on the role that the user login.

Devices available on



Frameworks and Solutions

Our framework provides upto 80% as a starting point for the mid sized clinics and hospitals.

Manage Patients

Records and maintains the patient details in the application.

Patients are added into the application and all the info related to the patient includes the address, email.

Insurance and attorneys are captured and stored as DB.

Each Patient will have a separate dashboard for diagnosis.

Manage Cases

Cases details for the patient are recorded and managed.

Each patient will have a case associated and provides a unique number which is auto-generated.

LOP needs to be provided by the attorney assigned to the patient at the time of case registration.

Symptoms of the patients are noticed and captured here.


Fix the appointment between Patient and Internal Physician

Fixation of appointment is truly based on Internal Physician availability.

Calendar view is provided with extensive filters.

Confirmation mode is provided regarding the appointments.

Other Features


Complete picture of recommendations made by Internal Physician is recorded.


This provides the overall view of the payments made by the patient attorney from the insurance company. All the receivables, ageing analysis are seen here.

Business Centers

All the list of active business centers are added and assigned with colour code.


Each patient appointment is concerned with the list of appointment codes that needs to be selected while adding a case.

Roles & Permissions

Permissions are managed based on the roles. This ensures that irrelevant or confidential data is not accessible to inappropriate users.


This provides the overall view of activities, statistics and metrics in the form of graphs, charts and tabular layout. The highlight of this framework is that the dashboard is unique for each usertype.

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