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Tracking and Fleet Management software

Option Matrix is my offshore development team which has designed and developed a mobile app and website for my needs. This tracking and scheduling app is being used by many institutions to manage their fleet. I prefer Option Matrix for the their dedication and quality of product delivered.

Option Matrix Healthcare Expertise

Option Matrix R&D team has summarized our experience in specialist areas of work to offer initial ground up of nearly 30-60% in our projects and this results in shorter delivery cycles. Our industry expertise also enables us to provide insights to our clients on the most effective user interface, functional workflow and technology use.

Option Matrix specializes in solutions for patient scheduling, electronic medical records, practice automation and technician scheduling:

  • HIPPA compliance
  • HL7 standards
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Patient Visit Records
  • Telemedicine
  • Physician Availability
  • Online Appointments
  • Insurance Claims
  • Document Generation & Workflow

Integrated Appointment scheduling

This solution covers multiple locations for a single chain of hospitals and provides an intuitive dynamic calendar covering constraints of resources, physician availability and specialties across locations in real time. Dynamic calendar is provided and patients have a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms to manage their appointment calendar as well as track the dynamic count down for upcoming appointment.

Patient Survey Research

This project was for a hospital to administer quick patient surveys while they wait for the physician appointment in reception area. Survey builder as well as the analytics module is provided for decision support in hospital administration. Diagnostic surveys is also a clear possibility and we are exploring this option as a next phase.

Home Remedies Heaven

Home Remedies Heaven is a web application for natural home remedies. Users of this application will get the top 30 natural therapies suggested by the top therapist. Users can also view all the remedies on the left side of all the application pages.
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Electronic Medical Records

This solution provides an integrated online platform for storage of patient medical records. Patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.
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Real Time Tracking of Rehab Programs

Option Matrix provided a web based solution to store exercise information, client information, past session history, and assessment information. It will be used by the physiotherapists in the rehabilitation center to track and administer rehab programs for their clients.
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Dental Practice Management

This project is a private application for dental surgery practice to fulfill the requirement for the servicing the referrals from colleagues and enable sharing of case records as required.
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Online Body Building Supermarket

This project built an e-commerce site for nutrition supplements, instructional videos, aerobics clothing and other body building products. Complete e-commerce features with integration to merchant payment gateway with shopping cart / checkout pages as well as wish lists / logging of the favorites are supported in this application.
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Online Portal for Fitness

The web application provides high quality, customized, exercise programs for the subscription clients. This solution improves team efficiency and reduces the costs of exercise program design.
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Hospital Data Management

The objective of the project is to develop a desktop application to manage the data related to the patient and handle multiple departments in different modules for effective hospital management.
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Healthcare Diagnostic Portal

Our solution serves the medical community by providing a pool of technicians who generally visit hospitals and clinics on demand to conduct diagnostic tests for patients. There is a workflow for alliances with a specific doctors, clinics and a pool of technicians.
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Electronic Medical Records

This solution provides an integrated online platform for storage of patient medical records. Patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.
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E-commerce Solution for Prosthetics

This project provides the online solution for customised prosthetic limbs. There is a custom design center to allow for personalization and creativity.
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Timesheet Tracking Solution

Online subscription service to enable staffing agencies towards maintaining the timesheets of their consultants staffed at various client locations. Consultants can fill their timesheets and digital signatures are used for safe approval of timesheets by client reporting managers. The service is offered in Application Service Provider Model with quarterly and annual subscription.

Real Estate photography project, USA

Quality :

I cannot evaluate the server application code, only the user and admin interfaces; so on those I rate a 5.

Productivity :

Sometimes things seem to slow down but I think that just me not complete understanding the scope of the project on the server side. 4.5

Communication :

EXCELLENT 5, Everyone is always available.

Predictability :

Because the communication is EXCELLENT, 5, I am able to count on the level of performance and expectations so again 5.

Professionalism :

Highest level of Professionalism - If I could rank this as a 6, I would. I am impressed with the level of professionalism at all levels and with everyone I have interacted with.