Online Food Ordering for Sports Events

We designed this framework for sports areas, hotels and events. Guests can place an order and are geotagged to enable both guest as well as the food delivery staff to interactively see each other on a map. Membership based postpaid orders as well as discount coupons are supported. Integration with kitchen and geo-fencing of the sports sites has been provided. Sites get an administration panel to manage the menu and track their orders.

Key features


User will register the course as submitting the following details Course name, contact person name, Email id, Contact no.

Pricing & Subscription

User will select the package from the list and purchase the level and start using the facilities.

Talk to Sale

If the user has any queries, he/she should contact the sales team by submitting the Contact no and question then the sales team will respond to user.

Manage course

Super admin will manage the course details i.e, Basic details, address details, bank details, locations, taxes information.


Capturing the restaurants that are under one location. Each location can have one or more restaurants.

Bank Details

Need to capture the Bank details because the customer paid money will be credited to the following account.

Devices available on





Frameworks and Solutions

Our solution provides the complete audit workflow and process that fits the organisation needs.

Manage Categories / Items

Admin manages the categories/items that has to be populated in mobile app.

Admin will create the Categories/items from web application.

Admin will manage the items description, price, popular items.

That has to be populated in mobile user app..

Manage taxes

Admin will manage the taxes, fees for respective country and state.

Course admin can manage the taxes according to country and respective states.

Course fee, Credit card fee can be managed from here.

Course admin can manage the fees like annual fee for course, monthly fee, service fee.

Other Features

Sign up/Sign in

Customer will signup through mobile no with generated OTP.

Home Screen

Customer can see the restaurants available to his geo location. So that he/she can order the food, snacks, drinks etc.


Customer will fill the Membership form and the admin approves through web app.


Guest customer will select the items and pay through his Credit/Debit card.

Checkout screen

Customer will finalize the items and ready to pay.

Order ID

Order is placed and assigned to driver.

Driver Login

Login through Mobile no and course pin.

Pending Screen

Order placed by customer will populate in pending screen. Then driver will Reserve the order.

Completed screen

The reserved order will be delivered to customer and it changes to completed order status.

Find the Customer

Driver will find the customer through gps tracking and delivers the order.

Tip of the Day

The total tip will be calculated at the end of the day for all the orders delivered by driver and specific course.

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