Document Management of Drivers and Vehicles for Truck Transportation

This is a web-based framework created for truck transportation companies to use in organizing, maintaining, renewing, sharing and distributing company, driver and vehicle authorities, permits, registrations and motor carrier specific tax documents and information. Alerts are generated for expiring permits/documents. Summary dashboard is provided to track expiring documents and allows the user to setup intervals for alerts. The target segment is the fleet compliance managers/administrators within the private freight, for-hire freight and charter bus industry within Canada and USA geographies.

Key features


The Client details captured from the promotional website. Client will select the Package and purchase it. Then the Client details will be captured in Admin portal.


The Pricing details for the fleet can be listed and managed


All the Subscription details for the clients and managed with following details as package level, paid amount, transaction no, Valid from , valid to, payment date.

Corporate Information

Storing important corporate data and build a database of licenses, authorities and related documents. Add issue and expiry dates to receive automated alerts and easily manage renewals.


Manage a detailed listing of your active drivers and quickly recall each individuals employment data. Create a document library of driver qualification, drug and alcohol tests, training and more.


Set of assets can be arranged under the Fleets and all the fleet information can be managed from here.

Devices available on




Frameworks and Solutions

Real Time project management and collaboration

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Client can manage the digital decal assignments

Manage company’s enrollment in the IFTA.

Store yearly licenses and create a digital decal assignment listing to ensure you are protected during an audit.

Manages an electronic copy of your current and previous IFTA license as decal assigned list.

IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Client can manage heavy vehicle tax returns

Create a database of current and prior year IRS Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Returns and Equipment Schedules.

Associate to an asset for complete record keeping and easy recall.

Documents can be captured for specific time period.

Other Features

Asset - Make

Used to Add and mange the make for which user need to select the asset type for adding the make.

Asset – Type

Used to add and manage the asset type.

Users & Permissions

Set up users, assign permissions and integrate this application into your organisation.

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