Project Management for Packaging Clients

Our approach is for service providers in the packaging industry who are looking for a way to develop their Project Management Software, as well as their Logistics requirements. Our solution includes a client portal with a project dashboard, stage gate process, and logistic solutions for importing raw goods and materials, as well as suggestions to improve program delivery to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s clients.

Key features

Examine and suggest various methods for creating a client portal / dashboard capable of providing easy, but reliable, information for packaging analytics, linking client information with MPKPG information online, and serving as a resource for clients with art, branding, or dateline management for services rendered.

Devices available on


Other Features


This screen will provide the overall view to track projects, activities and associated information. It consists of Project Overview & Shipments info.


This screen will provide the overall summary of the projects beginning with Client’s basic information and communication details provided with Add screens and filters as well.


This screen will provide the facility to track and maintain a potential product or service of a purchaser's created leads.


The list of scheduled projects, deliverables, and milestones is preserved here on the screen for project management and scheduling. This module typically contains the scheduled start and end date, length and resources allocated to each operation.

Stage Gate Process

This is a project management method in which a project is broken down into phases. These stages are separated by so-called 'gates,' which serve as decision points for whether or not to move on to the next.

SKU in Dashboard

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a commodity code that can be used to scan for and classify stock on hand in lists, invoices, or order types. From this screen, the user can see both Master and Variant SKU's.

Artwork in Dashboard

A simple grid with the information about a specific Artwork related to specific variant of a project is provided here with the current and latest versions of that specific Artwork.

CAPA in Dashboard

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) is a mechanism that examines and fixes issues, determines causes, takes corrective steps, and prevents the root causes from reoccurring. Admin can view each Action Item defined for an Individual Project from this screen and keep track of them. The ultimate goal of CAPA is to ensure that the issue will never happen again.


To view all the details of a shipment and to track them accordingly is provided here in this screen.


Managing manufacturer information is included in this screen to display the details of all suppliers and the option to add them.

Manage Kanban

Admins can define, manage, and improve information work resources by creating and managing Kanban steps in Projects.


Roles & Users can be managed here. Master Data & Settings can be setup from this module.

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