Internal Audit Automation for Pharmaceuticals

Our audit automation framework for pharmaceutical, food processing, and poultry farming companies where agenda-based annual or half-yearly audits are carried out to prepare for compliance to goods manufacturing practices. The process starts by defining the list of production sites and publishing the agenda checklist for each site as well as the scheduled audit date. The auditor team records all observations in a diary and tags them to specific categories of non-compliance. There is a workflow for the auditee to post remarks and confirmation about corrective action. Reports are automatically generated.

Key features

A web and mobile-based application that schedules audit tracks tickets for its closure and summary metrics.

Audit Dashboard

Each audit will have an internal dashboard and consists of 7 tabs for each one.


The overall progress view of the audits across various unit groups.

Manage Users

This screen is meant to manage the list of users that are assigned based on role type.

Admin Module

Set up the basic infrastructure that is needed for the application to function properly./p>

Devices available on



Frameworks and Solutions

Audit Dashboard

Timeline: This will record the overall notes or events that have been recorded in the audit process.

Overview: This screen provides an overview of the audit status and basic information about the audit and views the progress so far done.

Agenda: The agenda values are maintained from the Admin Module.

CAPA: This screen is meant for recording the action items for CAPA Clearance for the respective audit.

Summary Report

Audit Summary: This tab will provide the view of the audits that are planned versus that are completed.

Observations: This screen is meant to view the list of all high and moderate risk observations across two years over the groups in a tabular way.

Pareto Analysis: This screen provides the ability to enter the notes based on the observations provided and has an include option that includes the particular tab in the annual report.

4 Drill Down (Top Five): This screen is meant to view the top five categories of Audit Observations across a year and Groups.

Other Features

Manage Users

This screen is meant to manage the list of users that are assigned based on role type.


This screen is meant to manage the list of categories which can be managed while adding an observation while performing the audits.

IA Recommendations

This screen is meant to record the recommendations for the observations which will be part of the Audit Internal Dashboard.

Best Practices

This screen is meant to add the best practices that have been carried out over the units.

Generate Report

This tab includes a grid layout where it reads the list of tabs that are checked as added.

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