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Portal for Sports Clubs

We have worked with Option Matrix for over 2 years. I recommend Option Matrix as a professional, flexible and skilled development partner. All in all, I see a bright future for Option Matrix. Keep up the good work and best of luck! Founder, Leading Sports Portal solutions provider in Denmark

Custom PHP – MYSQL Projects

Option Matrix has done over 100 projects in PHP / MYSQL technologies since 2006. Majority of the initial work was related to CMS and e-commerce. We have matured towards serious enterprise wide PHP web applications for sales force automation, order processing and CRM functions.

Food Hub Management

This project is developed for online takeout restaurant ordering system. Restaurants can register to become members and post their menu with prices and availability time slots. Registered customers can order and pay online with facilities to track orders and create favourite lists.
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Content, Collaboration and E-Commerce

This project supplies the online solution for the hardware and software solutions for graphic intense (3D) applications. The firm has its own suite of products as well as plug-ins for popular graphics tools like 3D Studio and Maya.
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Sales Force Automation

This project envisaged as a subscription site for user car dealerships. Application provides a back office interface for sales process automation, inventory control as well as interactive dashboard reporting tool.
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Online Articles Placement Portal

The site offers coverage of articles like politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, and comedy. Blogshare is a top destination for news, blogs. Original content can manage from the admin panel using custom php design.
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E-commerce Webstore

This web application was developed for covering primarily the order fulfillment activities of which is the online shop and supplier related interaction.
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Home Remedies Heaven

Home Remedies Heaven is a web application for natural home remedies. Users of this application will get the top 30 natural therapies suggested by the top therapist. Users can also view all the remedies on the left side of all the application pages.
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Dynamic Content Management

The automated solution for client activities like technical conferences and journals to facilitate technology development of the field of control systems engineering.
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Online Restaurant Portal

Intuitive online ordering website solution for restaurants, created CMS for informational pages and automated posting of new links to social engines is included. Client user can get a dashboard, a choice of themes, newsletter subscription block and ability to publish newsletter campaigns.
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E-Commerce Solution for Movie Binder

This project is a film production portal. In order to produce a movie, a producer needs to find and organize all the people, equipment, and services that are necessary to have in front (actors, locations, stuntmen, pyrotechnics, etc.) and behind (crew, equipment, catering, etc.).
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Electronic Medical Records

This solution provides an integrated online platform for storage of patient medical records. Patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.
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Job Portal for Sherpa

There are four types of users for this website – site visitor, customer, providers and admin user. Site visitors can browse through the information content and can get registered as a customer or provider.
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Wedding Portal

This project was done for a client and is a wedding portal with focus on e-commerce and planning tools for brides. There is a vendor login to manage private shops in the site and drop shipment tracking is supported.
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Online Magazine Advertising

This solution provides for a magazine web store where magazines can be sold online apart from selling ad spaces within publication and ads with magazines. There are three types of users for this website – site visitor, member and admin user. Site visitors can browse through the information content and view magazine in a preview mode.
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School Management System

School management system is a school profiling and bus tracking system being designed for Indian schools. Administrator can create school accounts that can login and create school profile as well as school contacts. Schools create student profiles that enable parents to login and track the assigned bus on map.
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Online Virtual World

This project provides an online portal where members can organize around the sport of mixed martial arts in a virtual world. Basic membership is free and such members are managers with 3 fighters.
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Online Document Repository

This project is for building a legal entity document management system. Deliverables and tasks are assigned to users with deadlines. The revision history of documents can be tracked. The client accounts can be created across countries and business units. The solution enables a workflow between the client and the financial consultant to initiate, review and finalize the organization legal statutory reporting.
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Restaurant Management System

Dine Out is an online takeout restaurant ordering system. Restaurants can register to become members and post their menu with prices and availability time slots. Registered customers can order and pay online with facilities to track orders and create favorite lists.
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Online Fiction Game Portal

This portal has developed for the online role-playing game which offers rich online interface for groups of players or individuals to play online in an exciting new science fiction campaign.
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E-healthcare Solution

Option Matrix has done E-healthcare Solution project for Rehabilitation division of E-healthcare Solution and it will be used by the Rehabilitation center to track and administer rehab programs for their clients.
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Ecommerce Shopping Superstore

The Ecommerce Shopping Superstore are a professional panel of experts devoted to providing visitors with a one-stop online shopping superstore where any item is never more than a click away.
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Performance Tracking Portal

The overall purpose of the system is to enable a company to document its business strategy along with critical success factors and define an information bank with key performance indicators .
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Job Portal for Student

Client was to build new website student watchers which provide security services for students. There are four actors for this proposed project – Site Visitors, Clients, Agents and Site Administrator.
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Dental Practice Management

This project is a private application for dental surgery practice, fulfill the requirement for o get referrals online from colleagues and enable sharing of case records as required.
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E-Learning Training Center

E-Learning Training Center is a lean change management consulting firm located in Australia. It has 4 flash based training plans contains more than 400 flash files divided into each course plans, which offer online to clients.
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Real Estate Listing Portal

The objective of this project is to provide a new construction listing service for Florida with basic and premium subscription. The key sources of differentiation and preference is comprehensive listings, convenient map based search and the friendly affiliate program.
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Online Portal for Fitness

The web application provides high quality, customized, exercise programs for the subscription clients. This solution improves team efficiency and reduces the costs of exercise program design.
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Garden Equipment Store Application

We have provided the application for online store that sells garden equipment. He approached to us with new adding features in admin side.
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Online Watches Store

We have provided the online solution for the watches that user can buy it easily. Through this website client can sell products directly to customers, can place all range of watches in website.
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Camps & Tours Planner

This web portal has a searchable directory of camps and tour packages with links to send enquiries to camp / tour operators. The camp / tour operators are the members of the site and pay subscription fees as per various packages to have their profile listed. Customers can register for free to have an account on the site.
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Online Body Building Supermarket

Body building Supermarket is a no-frills site for body builders who mean business. Body building Supermarket knows that punishing training schedules leave little time for sitting around browsing the internet.
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Transportation and Logistics Solution

This project includes order processing, export documentation compliance and shipment tracking. This solution has features -automated document generation in shipping / export processing areas, import order information via CSV.
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B2C E-Commerce

Our client was asking to re-develop a website which offers to measure window blinds as well as readymade blinds. We have made the system to replicate a number of existing URLs as they are visible in the search engines.
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E-Commerce Portal for Apperals

Through this website client wants to sell products directly to customers, can place all range of watches in website. Throughout the website customers will see significant savings, special offers and discounts on products.
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Ecommerce Gardening Portal

The Ecommerce Gardening Portal is the ultimate gardening website. It enables user’s professional and amateur wise, local and international, to communicate with each other, to create their own community as well as forming lifelong friendships.
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Real Estate photography project, USA

Quality :

I cannot evaluate the server application code, only the user and admin interfaces; so on those I rate a 5.

Productivity :

Sometimes things seem to slow down but I think that just me not complete understanding the scope of the project on the server side. 4.5

Communication :

EXCELLENT 5, Everyone is always available.

Predictability :

Because the communication is EXCELLENT, 5, I am able to count on the level of performance and expectations so again 5.

Professionalism :

Highest level of Professionalism - If I could rank this as a 6, I would. I am impressed with the level of professionalism at all levels and with everyone I have interacted with.