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Web -project for Australian client

We built a large web project for an Australian entrepreneur and got this testimonial as a note of appreciation for the work done by our team

Online Portal for Fitness

The Online Portal for Customized and Fitness application provides a certified personal trainer uses to design an exercise program for a client when in person.

Home Page

The home page includes the following features

  • Client Login
  • Link to Client Registration
  • Flash Banner
  • Built in (embedded) “Exercise of the Week” Video
  • Visual Panels of Free Articles, Videos, and Our Services
  • There will also be a free monthly newsletter sign up for subscription.


This section also contains easy to use fitness calculators. These tools must be very visual and provide the users with visual charts or graphs of their results. Calculators like BMI, Maximum Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Daily Caloric Requirements, Caloric Deficit, and time to Reach Weight Loss Goal will be available for Visitors.


The videos section contains the history of exercise of the week videos and other complementary resources that everyone can access. These will be short 2 minute or less video that describes health and fitness topics, exercise technique, or Q&A from the site.


A blog can help the application in terms of SEO and marketing purposes and also allow both Visitors and Members to view new content frequently with user comments.

Workout Program (Member’s Area)

The web application has various subscription levels that enable clients to have access to different features. There are 3 types of login levels for the site.

  • Member/Client or User
  • Trainer Access
  • Administrative Access


The member/client has access to their subscription benefits and tools.


The trainer access allows training staff to manage their personal training clients. When a client signs up for an online trainer service they can be assigned to a specific trainer. The staff member has access to the client’s workouts to modify, change, and monitor their progress. Also allow them to communicate with their clients for goal setting.


The administrator able to oversee all of the daily functions of the website and web application.

Member Registration and Subscription Purchase

This allows a user to subscribe to one of company services and create their user account. These are the steps to register as a user in application:

  • The user can create initial account information like Name, email, address, date of birth, user name, password, acceptance of terms of use, etc.
  • Pay for subscription from different Subscription Types
  • After receiving payment the user has access to the application (specific to the type of subscription)

Exercise Pre-screening Questionnaire

After the user has completed registration and payment, they can be prompted to fill out a medical questionnaire and fitness questionnaire.

Medical Questionnaire

If any answers are positive then the client can be referred to seek permission from a physician before continuing any exercise program, exercises, or following any fitness advice recommended from the application.

User Profile

This is the client’s initial page (home page) once they have logged into the web application. The client must have an active subscription, complete the questionnaire, and be logged in to access this page.

Client can use Personal Information, Exercise Videos, Fitness/Health Charts and Graphs, Calculators, Weekly Calendar – Workouts for the Week, and Exercise Journals features in this application. These tools will be available specifically for registered clients.

Library of Database Information

The users are allowed to access details for every exercise in the database. This includes the exercise videos, pictures, and descriptions. They are able to search the database through a search bar and tab from the user profile. The user can search exercises by name (search bar) or category (drop down menu).

Technology Architecture

PHP 5 with MYSQL 5 on Linux server is used as the technology stack for this application. Cross browser compatibility across IE 7, Safari and Firefox 3 is maintained. The application was programmed in web architecture using PHP 5 on server side and MYSQL 5 as RDBMS. Application architecture is centralized for easy manageability. Application has been optimized for Internet Explorer 6+ but HTML 4 compliance was preserved to ensure cross browser compatibility with other common browsers like Firefox and Netscape Navigator.

Cross browser compatibility is largely ensured through use of XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4 compliance. All application testing was done in Firefox which has a more restrictive implementation of HTML / JavaScript and this ensures that it runs well in IE browsers too. Any cross browser issues were debugged as they arose during module testing. Optimistic locking was used in database operations to improve concurrent user performance. Extensive use of stored procedures was done to ease network traffic and database performance. The design of this new system was done as per the branding standards of CLIENT. Nested cascading style sheets (CSS) were used to create the appropriate layout.


CEO Agenda

CEO Agenda

The main source of advantage in the business comes from the business leaders's unique way of thinking and doing things. Organisations are often like photo copies of their business leaders. Have you created a custom software that reflects your unique way of thinking and doing business?

Technology is a magnifier. It loudly highlights both what is brilliant as well as the gaps in the processes. Dynamic business leaders are not intimidated by gaps but embrace the transparency and visibility of information to create a adaptive fast paced enterprise.

You should not use custom software everywhere in the business but only in those processes that are very special and unique to your business and which make you superior and specialized compared to the competition.

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Lab on Hire

Lab on Hire

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