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Web -project for Australian client

We built a large web project for an Australian entrepreneur and got this testimonial as a note of appreciation for the work done by our team

Option Matrix Drupal Experience

Option Matrix team has strong expertise in Drupal 7 CMS development. Initial site building and common third party modules like views or path / token build out the initial 20-30% of the project. Most of our Drupal work is for industry associations, multinational corporate websites and community sites. Custom theming and custom module development are a regular part of every Drupal project in our team. We have strong skills in Database API, Forms API, Fields API and Files API in custom module development for Drupal. JQUERY is extensively used in all Drupal projects.


Our clients range from small businesses to large international organizations and we have experience with site building, module development, complex system architecture planning and design, operational best practices and business requirements analysis. We often have been told that we understand the client requirements better than they do and work with our clients to define the best solution that meets their budget.

Our team can assist you at any level of your Drupal project from a basic website redesign to a complex systems integration project. Specifically, our team can provide:

  • Site and Content planning
  • Site Development and Theming
  • Module Selection
  • Module Development
  • Site Audit and Upgrade services
  • Mobile application development with Drupal integration
  • Business workflow solutions

Drupal Theming

Our professional themers have HTML & CSS expertise and intimate knowledge of the architecture behind Drupal’s theming system. We can adroitly turn any Photoshop webpage mockup into an expertly crafted Drupal theme. As we produce high-end designs, we must be particularly adept at theming. Through manipulating template files, adjusting the template.php function, selectively overriding core templates and expert styling with CSS, our team members turn any design into a standards-compliant Drupal theme. Our themes are built to maximize administrator control over the content and to maintain the extensibility of the Drupal site. Core and module upgrades do not affect any of the design elements as all graphics assets are kept within the theme folder.

Our Drupal theme development services may include any of the following:

  • Creation of a new theme from Photoshop PSD files
  • Creation of a new theme from HTML & CSS files
  • Upgrading an existing theme to reflect new designs
  • Upgrading an existing theme to become responsive
  • Migration of WordPress theme to Drupal theme
  • Migration of Joomla theme to Drupal theme

We are able to migrate any third-party webpage design, in addition to WordPress and Joomla, to a Drupal theme. We follow best practices for Drupal theme development. A few of the principles informing our work include the following:

  • Overriding files with custom versions (not touching the originals)
  • Copying files and modifying the copies
  • Overriding Drupal theme functions
  • Using the preprocess functions properly
  • Placing all theme files within the sites/all/themes directory

Our custom themes output valid, standards-based code that is search-engine-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Drupal Custom Module Developement

Drupal is no doubt the most advanced and highly interactive content management system (CMS). Customized Drupal web development includes module development, Drupal upgrades and customized themes for your Drupal website. Our team of professional developers and designers just build the perfect customized website or application that you could think of. Starting from web portals, business applications, business websites, social networking websites, personal websites, and weblogs to e-commerce application, Option Matrix can develop it for you customizing the feature and functionality that you wanted for your website / application.

Ubercart Integration

Ubercart is the full feature e-commerce suite designed and developed for Drupal. Just like Drupal is the best open source content management system, Ubercart is the most preferred e-commerce platform that works best with its integration to Drupal. Option Matrix core team of developers have a deep insight of Drupal modules and can develop fully customized online store for your success of your online business. Integrating Ubercart with your Drupal based online store not only enhances the look and feel of your store but make it more secure. Ubercart integration focuses on three key areas of your online store:

  • Store configuration
  • Catalog and product creation
  • Order management

We create a Drupal based Ubercart online store that give your ease to configure content of your web store. While, the integration of these two systems at the backend gives easy database management functionality, data remain highly secured.

Drupal Services

Option Matrix has a valuable experience of several years in building highly robust, feature-packed and modular Drupal solutions. With consummate evaluation of your requirements and a comprehensive engagement in Drupal’s core, we provide custom Drupal CMS development, extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services.

With bespoke Drupal portals and web applications that put forth the uniqueness of your business idea, we create products that make the exercise of integrating new-fangled tools and techniques in your framework more conducive and rewarding. We weave innovation and practicability together to create a business value that’s unrivalled. Our propulsive and versatile Drupal outsourcing services guarantee breakthrough results and help you take complete control of your web development cost and the associated risks. The disruptive drifts of the market cease to affect your performance metrics negatively, since you are pre-equipped with the methods to deal with them decisively.
Here is a list of our Drupal 7 services:

  • Drupal Full Site Development
  • Drupal Custom Themes
  • Drupal Custom Module Development
  • Drupal Theme Conversion from PSD files
  • Drupal Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Drupal Responsive Design
  • Drupal Ecommerce
  • Drupal Website Design and Re-Design
  • Drupal Website Conversion — 5, 6, 7
  • Drupal Website Maintenance

Recent Drupal Case Study

This project is to build a portal for the Global Sikh community. It covers a range of modules for community profile, news, articles, videos, events, calendar, polls and pictures. The site design is device and browser agnostic. This case study provides a snapshot of the key features built as custom modules.

Articles Module

  • Website’s homepage displays different articles
  • Articles may contain a Video, Audio, Link, PDF, Pictures. We classify articles on the basis of Religion, Politics, History, Culture, Fun, Genocide, Gurbani etc. Each article has a date and topic and an author.
  • Site supports Punjabi, Hindi and English font
  • Previous articles are searchable
  • Users can submit articles to the site administrator. Once approved by administrator the article gets published on the site

News Module

There is a dedicated content type for news and news can be featured on home page. Every news item can be linked to a list of public personalities for search purposes as per provided design. The news block on home page will be rendered via views module and the searchable news page with a timeline and will be rendered via a custom module. The linked videos, articles and audios will appear in featured blocks in the right side bar on the news detail page.

Videos / Audio Module

  • Videos are only visible once approved by the administrator.
  • Administrator can approve, reject or re-approve the Video content
  • Administrators are able to add their own MP4 files. Each Video may have description for Date, Place, Artist, Details.
  • Users are able to comment on these videos.
  • Users are able to share these videos on their Facebook or Twitter feed.

Events Module

  • Event calendar appears on home page
  • Event calendar is accessible to all users without using login credentials
  • Recent events are featured in the events section
  • There is a link on main page under Events “More Events…” When clicked on more events the user is able to search events based on country, place, Year, Month
  • Registered Users when logged in into the website are able to add Date, Place and future events in the calendar.
  • Each Event is associated with City, Country, Address, Type of event, Date and Time of event, Phone number, User ID of user who is organizing the event
  • Event details can be submitted to the Web administrator for approval

PDF Document Library

  • This section is accessible to all users.
  • Once logged into the website, all community members are able to read and download PDF Books.
  • Administrator is able to add online books in PDF Format. Each book must have description for Date, Place, Artist, Details.
  • Users are able to add Books in Review Later or Favorites list.

Kids & Youth Section

  • Kids and Youth section contains Kids Section and Kids Library. A Library may consist of PDFs files of Story Books, Videos and Audios.
  • Open the PDF File on the screen by using API in a Book format.

CEO Agenda

CEO Agenda

The main source of advantage in the business comes from the business leaders's unique way of thinking and doing things. Organisations are often like photo copies of their business leaders. Have you created a custom software that reflects your unique way of thinking and doing business?

Technology is a magnifier. It loudly highlights both what is brilliant as well as the gaps in the processes. Dynamic business leaders are not intimidated by gaps but embrace the transparency and visibility of information to create a adaptive fast paced enterprise.

You should not use custom software everywhere in the business but only in those processes that are very special and unique to your business and which make you superior and specialized compared to the competition.

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Lab on Hire

Lab on Hire

We have great respect for innovative product development enterpreneurs who risk time and capital to make technology accessible to the masses. Option Matrix serves as an offshore development partner for product companies around the world with tremendous enthusiasm and pride

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