Option Matrix Project Experience

We welcome new opportunities in custom web / mobile application development
along with products and frameworks. We have strong technology skills spanning
Microsoft.Net Technologies, open source PHP / MYSQL, MEAN Stack,
Android & Apple platforms.


JQUERY is the native client side scripting library and is used in every web project along side HTML 5 and Bootstrap for richer client interfaces, seamless AJAX implementation and user input filtering. Option Matrix team has extensive jQuery expertise across nearly 40 projects over the last 5 years. We use jQuery alongside Yii framwowrk or Asp.net or Drupal or WordPress or Magento to create richer browser experience and especially for user input filtering as well as custom AJAX calls to server side logic. JQUERY UI is often used for drag & drop, navigation widgets and animation / visibility effects.

  • Sliders, UI Controls and Navigation Menus
  • Sports Club Portal Site Builder
  • AJAX Interfaces
  • Graphs, Widgets, Calendars and Pie-Charts
  • CRM Projects
  • User Input Validation

CMS Portal for Sports Clubs

This project is a film production portal. In order to produce a movie, a producer needs to find and organize all the people, equipment, and services that are necessary to have in front (actors, locations, stuntmen, pyrotechnics, etc.) and behind (crew, equipment, catering, etc.).

Transportation and Logistics Solution

This project includes order processing, export documentation compliance and shipment tracking. This solution has features -automated document generation in shipping / export processing areas, import order information via CSV.

Online Advertisement Media

The application has provided to the media planning tools to incentivize clients (agencies) to use this portal for paying media owners on milestone basis and feedback systems can highlight the winners.

Electronic Medical Records

This solution provides an integrated online platform for storage of patient medical records. Patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.

E-commerce Solution for Prosthetics

This project provides the online solution for customised prosthetic limbs. There is a custom design center to allow for personalization and creativity

Job Portal for Tourism Schools

This site has been designed to bring the students, agents, employers and alumni together. The project was structured around 25+ branches (employer categories) and 50+ job categories. Revenue model was based on the employer registration and banner advertising

Restaurant Portal

Intuitive online ordering website solution for restaurants, created CMS for informational pages and automated posting of new links to social engines is included. Client user can get a dashboard, a choice of themes, newsletter subscription block and ability to publish newsletter campaigns.

Sales Force Automation

This project envisaged as a subscription site for user car dealerships. Application provides a back office interface for sales process automation, inventory control as well as interactive dashboard reporting tool.

E-healthcare Solution

Option Matrix has done E-healthcare Solution project for Rehabilitation division of E-healthcare Solution and it will be used by the Rehabilitation center to track and administer rehab programs for their clients.

Ecommerce Shopping Superstore

The Ecommerce Shopping Superstore are a professional panel of experts devoted to providing visitors with a one-stop online shopping superstore where any item is never more than a click away.

Dental Practice Management

This project is a private application for dental surgery practice, fulfill the requirement for get referrals online from colleagues and enable sharing of case records as required.

Online Watches Store

The overall purpose of the system is to enable a company to document its business strategy along with critical success factors and define an information bank with key performance indicators .