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Portal for Sports Clubs

We have worked with Option Matrix for over 2 years. I recommend Option Matrix as a professional, flexible and skilled development partner. All in all, I see a bright future for Option Matrix. Keep up the good work and best of luck! Founder, Leading Sports Portal solutions provider in Denmark

Microsoft .Net Portfolio

Option Matrix has been working on this platform since last decade to deliver applications spanning standalone utilities using win forms, client server technologies for electronic healthcare records, back office business applications in AJAX web forms, e-commerce / CMS projects using MVC and integrated applications that sync between the windows component, web database & mobile app.

Custom Learning Management System

LMS portal supports e-learning with course material in the form of SCORM packages, PowerPoint presentations, flash files and MP4 videos. There is an administration block with auxiliary modules for instructors and coordinators. The primary module is for students and their primary activities are browsing and searching the course content, enrolling in and taking courses, communicating with trainers via the messaging system, completing tests, submitting homework, and participating in social networking (blogs, forums, and groups / networks).
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Hospital Data Management

The objective of the project is to develop a desktop application to manage the data related to the patient and handle multiple departments in different modules for effective hospital management.
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Financial Management Planning

This project provide the solution for business financial results that can be converted into meaningful financial management information and allow business’s financial performance measurement.
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Job Portal for Tourism Schools

This site has been designed to bring the students, agents, employers and alumni together. The project was structured around 25+ branches (employer categories) and 50+ job categories. Revenue model was based on the employer registration and banner advertising
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Job Portal for Yachts

This is a job portal that targets luxury yachting industry. This project is primarily comprised of 3 modules namely Crew, Employer and Administration. Crew members are potential job seekers who get registered and submit their resume / application. The employers post their job details and once done they start seeing the crew members who match their job criteria. Finally admin users manage crew members, employers and jobs.
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Document Search Engine

This portal was built using microsoft .net technologies and was designed to be a repository of documents. Advanced search filters and lost search accounting contribute to the robust solution.
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E-commerce Suppliers Solution

The project brings a excellent solution for on-line suppliers to advertise their products and services. Suppliers can listed the product in directory and it is easily and specify category in directory.
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Reinsurance Modeling

We have built software for our client for his firm in London, UK. to monitor and track the portfolio of reinsurance contracts. This solution controls the licensing and sell this software in the market.
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CMS Portal for Sports Clubs

The core functions are related to CMS functions to maintain player or club profiles and registration for events / calendar. There is a separate e-commerce module and we are building a project management module. Custom tournament scoring portal was built in the previous phase by our team.
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Healthcare Diagnostic Portal

Our solution serves the medical community by providing a pool of technicians who generally visit hospitals and clinics on demand to conduct diagnostic tests for patients and alliances with a set of doctors, clinics and a pool of technicians.
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Online E-Learning Solution

This project is a lean change management consulting firm located in Australia; we have implemented an ASP.Net 3.5 solution with use of a SYNCFUSION UI component to render professional reports and dashboards.
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Restaurant and Gaming Portal

We developed a windows application for restaurant and gaming. Client came to us with restaurant requirements of having display of menus; manage games and SGOC integration (interaction with different application).
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Game Distributor Management

The owner or manager of the distributors has access to all of the activity of his sales person(s) so we created the main master database which is cloud based. The application can be used by distributor and his sales team to create/update and maintain Customer purchases records including all of the games purchased including the cost, and tax associated with the purchase
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Online Real Estate Marketplace

Online real estate marketplace with subscription and advertising based revenue model. Sellers can list properties and buyers can find them. Agents can list properties and act on behalf of sellers. Financial Consultants can offer advisory and appraisal services. Site owner gets a control panel to track site activity and extract leads for conversion.
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Financial Management System

The Financial portal allows businesses to measure financial performance, including total capital invested, working capital investment, movement in capital, funding of capital, return on capital employed and economic value creation.
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Electronic Medical Records

This solution provides an integrated online platform for storage of patient medical records. Patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.
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Online Advertisement Media

The application has provided to the media planning tools to incentivize clients (agencies) to use this portal for paying media owners on milestone basis and feedback systems can highlight the winners.
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Repository for Professional Profiles

This application was developed to manage professional profiles and maintain data for all registered users. Employers can request for background verification of their employees.
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E-commerce Solution for Prosthetics

This project provides the online solution for customised prosthetic limbs. There is a custom design center to allow for personalization and creativity.
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Real Estate photography project, USA

Quality :

I cannot evaluate the server application code, only the user and admin interfaces; so on those I rate a 5.

Productivity :

Sometimes things seem to slow down but I think that just me not complete understanding the scope of the project on the server side. 4.5

Communication :

EXCELLENT 5, Everyone is always available.

Predictability :

Because the communication is EXCELLENT, 5, I am able to count on the level of performance and expectations so again 5.

Professionalism :

Highest level of Professionalism - If I could rank this as a 6, I would. I am impressed with the level of professionalism at all levels and with everyone I have interacted with.