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Electronic Medical Records

The physician can generate a patient profile on first visit and can continue adding patients as per their subscription package. Each subsequent patient visit is logged into the system in terms of diagnosis and prescribed medicines / procedures. Every patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.

Browse appointments screen allows the practitioner to update/delete an appointment and synchronizing the appointment details to web application also can retrieve details of particular centralized patient appointments by performing a search operation.

Practitioner can add holidays from this screen. Selecting a date, add description and hitting on add will add a holiday. Practitioner can search the holiday according to the year. Allows the practitioner to set the timings of a total week and also has the facility to add break timings in that day.

Preferred pharmacists- This window allows the user to view number of preferred pharmacists available throughout the system. You can retrieve details of a particular pharmacist by performing a search operation using state and LGA. Clicking on clear will give the entire list and delete will delete the record as per necessity.

The practitioner can search the preferred practitioners and can delete practitioners from his list and it reflects on referrals screen. Practitioner can retrieve details of a particular practitioner by performing a search operation using state, LGA and specialty.

User can add a test prescription i.e. number of tests for particular patient and also has the facility to add patient medical complaint. Practitioner can update or delete the test prescription and hitting on sync will synchronize the records to web application.