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.Net Project for a Danish Company

Option Matrix has been working over last 2 years for an IT solutions firm in Denmark that provides portal solutions to sports clubs

Financial Management System

The Financial X-RAY is a detailed report of a business’s financial results that turns normal balance sheet and profit and loss data into meaningful financial management information. The Financial X-RAY allows businesses to measure financial performance, including total capital invested, working capital investment, movement in capital, funding of capital, return on capital employed and economic value creation. It also provides visibility of free cash flow generation and the deployment of cash flow.

Site admin can browse existing client records in a tabular format and a search filter is provided. Facilities are provided to do a shadow login into the client account. Client details can be edited or the client record can be deleted if there are no associated records.

The summary statistics related to usage of this application are available here. The editors are the Ashley Munro Users who have the full rights on the account. The Users are the accountants who can setup reports and enter financial information / do data entry.

Admin user can use the application to create a new company within a client account and an accountant login is associated with every company. The list of companies appears in edit mode and there is a link to access the screen where the settings, data entry screens and reports for the company can be accessed.

Vital screen where key parameters such as reporting frequency, first month of fiscal year, tolerance level, expense breakdown logic and fixed / variable settings for various expense accounts are defined and managed.

KPI list with target and tolerance levels can be managed in this screen for 4 different perspectives based on philosophy of balanced scorecard. This screen helps to steer thinking beyond financial metrics.