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.Net Project for a Danish Company

Option Matrix has been working over last 2 years for an IT solutions firm in Denmark that provides portal solutions to sports clubs

Hospital Data Management

The objective of the project was to develop a desktop application to manage the data related to the patient and handle multiple departments in different modules for effective hospital management. Patients can fix their appointments with the doctors, come to the clinic, undergo diagnosis, and receive medical advice / follow-up. This project is a windows-based application/software called EMR to store patient healthcare data. The application consists of a ‘front-end’ and a ‘back-end’. The front-end file acts as the user interface for HDM. It contains forms, queries, reports, code modules and local tables. The front-end file contains table links to the back-end file. The back-end file is located on a server that acts as an HDM database.

Admin User

Admin user can installs the application in different departments with a pre-defined authentication. At the time of installation, the admin user can setup the login details for different department users. Admin user can also manage the department user, user profiles, providers, patients of different departments, insurance companies, tasks like type / category relationship and mailbox / staff assignments. Assign access rights to different users.

Department Users

Department users are the users of different departments in the hospital have access rights to perform different tasks based on their authentication. Prospective Department users can also add a new patient record and manage the existing patient records, Fix an appointment for the patient with a consultant (doctor) and search for an appointment of a particular doctor, admin user can manage the schedule of the providers and resources. The reminders for the tasks for a particular patient with complete details can be sent

Key Features
  • Manage the clinical CPT codes, Code CPT Types, DME CPT Codes and ICD codes to prepare the case sheet easily for the billing dept.
  • Manage the predefined text category of different clinical practices.
  • Manage the insurance providers for the patients.
  • Manage the pharmacies for alliance.
  • Manage the physician’s instructions.
  • Manage the ROS cluster types.
  • Interpret the patient problems by using different tests .
  • Manage the SOAP boilerplate test.
  • View the mailbox list and mail category list

Technology Architecture

The application was programmed in windows architecture using .Net 2.0 (with VB.Net as language) and MS SQL Server 2000 or equivalent as RDBMS. There is a separate MS SQL Server 2000 database at each of the three offices and these 3 databases synchronize with each other as per the set schedule. The windows interface application can be loaded on each PC in the LAN and there is a higher capacity Windows XP / 2003 server in each of the 3 offices where the MS SQL Server 2000 RDBMS has reside. Optimistic locking with ADO.Net disconnected database has been used. Another interface was created and linked with the patient forms web application.


CEO Agenda

CEO Agenda

The main source of advantage in the business comes from the business leaders's unique way of thinking and doing things. Organisations are often like photo copies of their business leaders. Have you created a custom software that reflects your unique way of thinking and doing business?

Technology is a magnifier. It loudly highlights both what is brilliant as well as the gaps in the processes. Dynamic business leaders are not intimidated by gaps but embrace the transparency and visibility of information to create a adaptive fast paced enterprise.

You should not use custom software everywhere in the business but only in those processes that are very special and unique to your business and which make you superior and specialized compared to the competition.

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Lab on Hire

Lab on Hire

We have great respect for innovative product development enterpreneurs who risk time and capital to make technology accessible to the masses. Option Matrix serves as an offshore development partner for product companies around the world with tremendous enthusiasm and pride

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