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Yii Framework projects – Electronic Medical Records

The physician can generate a patient profile on first visit and can continue adding patients as per their subscription package. Each subsequent patient visit is logged into the system in terms of diagnosis and prescribed medicines / procedures. Every patient has a unique system generated code and the record can be pulled up by any other doctor by querying the patient code.

Define new subscription packages and manage the list of active subscription plans – this covers subscription for doctors, patients and pharmacies.

Admin Dashboard – Summary dashboard to provide a single panel with overview of site visits, subscription, payments, activity and support tickets – this will include a link to the administration interface of Google Analytics (will be integrated) to track site statistics.

Practitioners can find patients based on keyword or date of birth or unique code – view basic summary profile for matched patients and download the required profiles for tracking in local database.

Patients have a web login account as soon as a particular doctor registers them on the centralized database, particular patient can request for an appointment and track confirmation, can browse previous appointments.

Doctors have a registered license to practice in their specialization and can register on the home page and login upon approval. Admin defined features are available to doctors in their web account as well as in the windows utility that they download after registration. Doctor can manage test prescription.