95% of our revenue
comes from repeat business

Option Matrix is a technology consulting firm ensuring cost effective project services for
Transportation, Hospitality, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Financial Services.
Our goal in every project is technology driven business transformation.

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About Option Matrix

Option Matrix is about technology innovation and believes in the power of creating custom designed applications for large companies that drive leadership in their business segment. We also provide frameworks and products for small and medium sized enterprises.

The greatest challenge in software development is not technology but rather the ability to understand business requirements and translate them into a valid, useful solution. Option Matrix gives extremely high importance to accurate business requirement translation to ensure consistent project success.

Our core expertise lies in the Hospitality, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Financial Services domains. We provide solutions for supply chain management, logistics, fleet management, purchase and stores, sales force automation, internal audit, field to office reporting, guest relations, venue management, B2B integration, business applications and enterprise mobility.

We have experience in more than 210 projects, spanning nearly 100+ clients. The fact that 95% of our revenue comes from repeat business indicates our capability and commitment to reach client expectations.

Team Philosophy

At Option Matrix, we believe in cocreation and look at client-side project coordinators as valued members of our team. They are given the responsibility to provide weekly inputs in the intermediate project deliverables to provide the best possible solution. This step helps us to achieve success in project execution phase. We believe in understanding the key processes in the client business and this acts as a foundation to design a useful solution based on suitable technology architecture.

Core Principles

Option Matrix believes that character is the foundation of success. Hence our organization only ventures into projects that it is confident and capable of doing based on relevant experience/track record. We encourage the spirit of honesty, discipline and win-win relationships with our partners, employees, and clients.

First Name Culture

Everyone in Option Matrix uses first name with everybody including clients, irrespective of position, age or country. We strictly do not use SIR or MADAM as it denotes slavery in our culture. We do not use ‘Mr. or Ms.’ as it stifles open communication and creativity. We promote leadership based on merit and expertise and not on basis of seniority or position.

Success Factors

Option Matrix India has defined the following critical success factors in its business plan to organize the business for success.

Cost Effective Pricing is the Sustainable Advantage.

Win-Win Relationship
or No Deal

Deliver Consistent
Quality on Schedule

Strict Data

Industry Focus
with Excellence

Step-by-step software
engineering process