Leverage Custom Software for
Business Transformation

210+ projects in a wide range of technologies across 7 industries in over 9 countries


We recruit great people and encourage self expression. We drive the business with quality and innovation. Our development team is in India to leverage affordable offshore delivery. The process of developing a custom software provides the opportunity to rethink and improve the current process with the help of automation and efficiency.

AGILE CORE – Organizations are photocopies of their Business Leaders. Start with a conversation to understand the core of the business. Do great work & innovate to stay relevant. Technology is relevant as a magnifier only if the core is rock solid.

TECHNOLOGY CHAMPIONS – We love Business Leaders who believe in the power of technology and drive business advantage with technology. We love business leaders who have a global ambition. We also serve businesses with a local niche

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Technology is a magnifier. Custom Software can be used to magnify the unique and specialized thought process of a business leader. Technology gives wings to the agile core of business for global out reach

GLOBAL OUTREACH – Just Innovation & Quality is not good enough. That leads a small business. Once you have the core right in your business, it is crucial to scale worldwide via a personalized and intelligent use of technology for a global outreach.

DOMAIN SPECIALIZATION – Do only what you do best. Do nothing else. Cultivate technology solution frameworks that offer initial ground up of nearly 80% in our projects and this results in shorter delivery cycles with affordable and reliable quality.

LOCAL SPECIALIZATION – Business varies by geography. Hence local nuances are important. We concentrate our marketing efforts around the hubs of activity within our target markets. This also enables us to be personal and custom in every relationship.

PEOPLE FIRST – Quality is Everything. Everything is People. Do Great Work. Make Progress Everyday.

TRUST – We cultivate all relationships with complete trust post the initial due diligence. We give us best and most often our clients & associates reciprocate our spirit. Commitment & Consistent Conversation are critical to cultivate great relationships.

INDIA GLOBAL – Leverage global industry experience and India advantage to deliver predictable & affordable quality every time

TECHNOLOGY – We explore the potential and possibilities of technology 24 x 7 for business transformation

INTELLIGENCE – Business is about solving problems. Minimum IQ to join Option Matrix is 110

PRODUCTS – We consolidate our internal project experience into solutions to reach technology and BEST PRACTICES to the individuals as well as to the small and medium sized businesses on global scale


We love technology and enjoy bringing ideas to life. Our slogan is “Do great work, Make progress everyday”. We believe in doing excellent work on each project everyday. We gauge our success based on the fraction of our revenue that comes from repeat and referral business. We explore possibilities everyday to provide affordable and custom built technology solutions that create tangible business advantage with quick lead time to clients worldwide. We cultivate a highly intelligent, aligned and creative talent pool through premium employment and proactively promote fitness

Make Progress Everyday

Self Expression

Multiply Excellence

Extreme Fitness

Family Commitment

Never Random

Mango People Prohibited

People First


Win Win or No Deal

Rise & Shine

Talent Pool

People don’t change, we are who we recruit. We see recruitment as the opportunity to choose our friends.

We explore & listen, observe across scenarios, decide slowly, manage thoughtfully and act on intuition.

INTELLIGENCE – Business is about solving problems. Minimum IQ to join Option Matrix is 110

We believe that the potential and possibility of an individual is the average of their 5 best friends. Hence we give extreme importance to superior recruitment as we want to work alongside the brightest minds in the world.

20% and more of our associates have IQ greater than 120; this gives us superior problem solving and solution design skills. People with high IQ do distinctly superior work

We welcome high school dropouts. Subject matter expertise arises from passion, intelligence, introspection, exploration and experience. Formal education is not a precondition for genius & excellence.

Just like a computer without an internet connection is no better than a typewriter, a professional without good communication skills is not fit for employment. Thought is about talking to self & we believe that people who don’t communicate well also have a challenge in thinking clearly.