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Custom Software Development

Custom software is much more flexible and is designed to meet client’s specific needs. It’s branded exactly how you want and lets you customize not only its appearance but also its features and their functionalities. If you want, the software can simply be built to read your existing data and work with other systems you may already have.

Off-the-shelf software cannot meet every need. Canned solutions are rigid. Most of the readily available software will not allow you to modify its functionality in a meaningful way. It may be difficult to add or remove built-in features, leading to either too many or too few functionalities for your company. These kinds of software may not be compatible with other programs as well.

Security Advantages of Tailored Software

Software that is specifically tailored to the way your business works naturally provides the least friction and the biggest leverage for your operations. It amplifies your unique operational efficiency and tactics for best effect, thus becoming a strategic advantage over time.

It also increases your returns as the company’s ability to grow, learn and evolve increases. Custom software development can help protect your business from external threats. Most of the successful hacking attempts performed on business are because of hackers exploiting known software vulnerabilities in commonly-used software. Custom software will be a much less attractive target for hackers as it will require comparatively much more effort to learn how to breach the system.

Despite its initial costs, custom software is well worth the resources it requires if you are hoping to build a business of meaningful scale. Building your own software that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs, as well as focused on scale and efficiency, can help mean the difference between offering a commodity service and offering a highly differentiated one at a better price.