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Our Process

Process Planning is one of the critical phases of the project management. It encompasses different activities like creating and reviewing the project management plan containing high-level architecture, delivery and deployment schedules for software development along with information and capacity architecture. Especially in the software development outsourcing environment, we realize that the communication or lack of it has the biggest impact on the outcome and smooth execution of the project. To highlight and streamline the communication process Option Matrix prepares the communication plan which is to be approved by the client at the commencement of the project.

Software Quality Assurance

Organization-wide, Option Matrix has implemented the project management and development follows the best industry practices. We have compiled the best practices from SEI-CMM 3 Model and Six Sigma methodology and constantly work towards optimizing our processes and reducing defects.

Option Matrix understands software development as a process where bugs are inevitably injected in the application under development when software is modified while the application is in debugging mode. Under such incremental change scenario of code development, version control becomes one of the important aspects of software development process. Same is true for documents and reports that are prepared in project development and testing phase of the project and are frequently updated and referred. Option Matrix exclusively uses only licensed software in every part of operations.

Option Matrix critically investigates the requirement change control procedure. We understand and respect the real world’s business fact that the requirements that were considered at the start of the project can change. For the requirement changes, Option Matrix confirms the requirement changes from client, analyses and validates the changes in requirements. Understanding the business needs, the appropriate solutions are suggested. Option Matrix prepares the requirement change impact document to analyze the impact of the change on the different aspects of project execution including but not limited to system architecture, design, schedule, deliverables, testing, and commercials.

After the project is completed, it’s project accounting software is deployed across an enterprise by working closely with its internal IT team and training is imparted to the end-users of the system. While delivering the application in the production environment (final release) Option Matrix provides the delivery-kit which includes the set of all the latest documents designs and the code as per contractual arrangements.