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.Net Project for a Danish Company

Option Matrix has been working over last 2 years for an IT solutions firm in Denmark that provides portal solutions to sports clubs


Option Matrix uses Visual Studio in our project development. Visual Studio is Microsoft’s flexible development tool used for building business applications. Visual Studio is a new member of the Visual Studio family. It is a standalone application. According to Microsoft, Visual Studio is “the simplest way to create business applications for the desktop or the cloud”. Visual Studio is a rapid application development (RAD) tool which is used to help write data-centric line of business (LOB) applications.


There are many features of Visual Studio. Visual Studio supports Windows Azure, SQL Azure, automatic data input validation etc. You can use the Visual Basic or Visual C# language in your application.

Hr Policy

  • Simplify development
  • Build a better application faster
  • Customize using extensions
  • Quickly add user-friendly features
  • Speed Deployment and Updates
  • Create a custom application for the way you do business
  • Build business applications like they were created by a professional designer
  • Easily add powerful authentication features
  • Evolve your application as business needs change
  • Simplify development

    The Visual Studio development environment simplifies the development implementation and provides assistance when you need it. Visual Studio allows users to create applications with a modern multi-tier design that support both cloud and desktop clients, but with less coding, though you can add Visual Basic or C# code.

    Build a better application faster

    Visual Studio includes many screens for the most common types of business applications. It also contains predefined data types like date, date time, phone numbers and e-mail addresses etc..

    Customize using extensions

    Using custom extensions like Picture and Text layout extensions you can present your data on screen. Custom extensions like Money and Phone Number are also included in Visual Studio. Using the custom extensions you can change the appearance and behaviour of your application.

    Quickly add user-friendly features

    Visual Studio has a user friendly feature i.e. export data to Ms-Office Excel for easy sharing and reporting. You can also create a table in Visual Studio from SQL Server.

    Speed Deployment and Updates

    Using Visual Studio, you can create one application that can be deployed to desktop clients and web clients. You can choose the best deployment method for deploy the Visual Studio application.

    Create a custom application for the way you do business

    Using Visual Studio you can create custom business application. In the Visual Studio you can apply custom validation or custom rules.

    Build business applications like they were created by a professional designer

    Visual Studio comes with an extensible set of pre-built Application Shells that can give your application the familiar feel of popular Microsoft software.

    Easily add powerful authentication features

    Visual Studio has an authentication feature. This feature is the most powerful feature of Visual Studio. The Authentication feature provides security to your Visual Studio application. In the Visual Studio you can generate many users with their authorization. Using the authentication feature of Visual Studio you can set user roles and permissions.

    Evolve your application as business needs change

    The pre-built screens and components in Visual Studio are fully extensible, so using additional features for your application is fast and easy.

    Real Estate photography project, USA

    Quality :

    I cannot evaluate the server application code, only the user and admin interfaces; so on those I rate a 5.

    Productivity :

    Sometimes things seem to slow down but I think that just me not complete understanding the scope of the project on the server side. 4.5

    Communication :

    EXCELLENT 5, Everyone is always available.

    Predictability :

    Because the communication is EXCELLENT, 5, I am able to count on the level of performance and expectations so again 5.

    Professionalism :

    Highest level of Professionalism - If I could rank this as a 6, I would. I am impressed with the level of professionalism at all levels and with everyone I have interacted with.