Audit Automation Solution

Derived from the simple Audit Automation process focused on ensuring conformity with best auditing software practices across all the locations, departments, and subdivisions for any Industry applicable. The process audit checklists can be set up and assigned to internal auditors across departments like Accounts, facilities management, reception, housekeeping, and advisory services, etc. among others. The best audit management software has dynamic checklists, real-time reporting, and analytics, timely notifications of schedules & deadlines, easy tracking, and escalation of non-compliances through reminders & alerts. Incident reporting and ticket systems are also provided. Our audit automation solution offers the full audit workflow and process that fits both the Web and Mobile requirements for an organization.

Audit Automation Software Features

Explore and experience high efficiency and accuracy in recording safety inspection results.

Create Checklists

Create questionnaires for individual departments based on the organization’s best practices.

Record Audits

Capture responses on a mobile application along with observations and associated files/pictures for each question.

Offline Mode

Record audits in the mobile application offline. Responses are synced when the internet connection restores.

Track Tickets

Discrepancies found during the audit are raised as tickets. Track them to closure by auto-assignments, reminders & escalations.

Audit Summary

Can view the summary of completed audits along with a comparison of previous results.

Manage Users

Users are created to various locations along with roles assigned to each.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Centralizing all key functionalities

Organization hierarchy

The entire hierarchy of the organization is maintained.

Users need to create Locations and assign hotels for the locations.

Departments, sections, and subsections are assigned to each hotel. The best auditing software provides the ability of cloning and configuration of emails.

Manage Users

User creation involves the assignment of Location, Hotel, departments.

Roles are assigned and permissions are configured.

Audit automation solution provides the ability to assign multiple locations, hotels, and departments for each user.

Best audit management software

Other Features

Dashboard Summary

Can view results in the form of graphs and charts for trend analysis. The dashboard also helps to identify the best performing offices across the locations with our dynamic ranking feature.

Master Data

Maintains the list of departments, Sections, and Subsections that needs for the creation of a checklist.

RCA Reports

Provides the feasibility to view the root cause for each non-compliance and can export as well.

Event & Error Log

Each event is captured in the application and also errors are logged if encountered.

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