Mobile and cloud-based auditing solution to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments.

A Complete Audit Management Solution

Create Checklists

You can create questionnaire for individual departments based on organisation’s best practices.

Record Audit

You can capture responses on a mobile application along with observations and associated files/pictures for each question.

Offline Mode

You can also record audits in the mobile application offline. Responses are synced when internet connection restores.

Track Issues

Discrepancies found during the audit are raised as tickets. Track them to closure by auto-assignments, reminders & escalations.


Our solution is meant for automation of workflows and processes in the corporate audit department.

Create Checklists

User can build mobile friendly checklists using our template builder which supports the following five question types also they can categorize related questions into sections & subsections.

Schedule Audits

Created checklists can be assigned as audits to respective auditors. There is a flexibility of scheduling an audit at regular intervals of time.

Android interface

Our android application helps auditors to carry out audits and capture relevant evidence using image-capture and voice-to-text features. Supporting documents can be uploaded for each question. Exceptions found during an audit are notified by raising tickets dynamically. You can navigate through sections & subsections by using filters and navigation bar.

Summary Dashboard

A quick summary of the completed audits is available on the mobile application while a detailed summary is available on the web. You can view results in the form of graphs and charts for trend analysis. Dashboard also helps to identify the best performing departments with our dynamic ranking feature.

Summary Reports

Detailed reports can be downloaded as PDF documents along with attached evidence. Reports include brief comparison of current results with previous results. Reports can be emailed to multiple individuals.

Manage Permissions

Roles can be defined, and permissions can be assigned at a granular level. This ensures that irrelevant or confidential data is not accessible to inappropriate users. You can customize email, SMS & push notification reminders with each role so that users are notified with updates & reminders.

Manage Tickets

Tickets are used to track non-compliance. They are auto-generated when an auditor submits an audit and are assigned to the concerned staff members so that corrective actions can be taken. The auditor will be notified when ticket is resolved. It is then verified and closed/rejected.

Setup Structure

Organization structure can be defined in a tree layout. There is an option of cloning existing setup to multiple locations.

Record Audits

An auditor can start or delegate an audit using mobile application. Audits can also be recorded offline. Responses are synced when internet connection restores. Our in-built validation ensures that all the questions are answered after which audit can be submitted.

Error & Event Logs

Events such as audit assignments, checklist updates, ticket history are logged along with technical errors if any.

Dynamic Checklists

A dynamic checklist is written for a ‘section’ once, but can be used for multiple subsections during an audit. E.g.:- Auditing the same 10 checklist points across different rooms in a hotel.

Mobile Audit History

Auditors can view snapshot of completed audits on the mobile app. This includes audit scores & responses.

Case Study

GreenPark Hotels operate under three brands – GreenPark, Avasa and Marigold located in Hyderabad, Vizag and Chennai in India. They have been in the hospitality space for more than 25 years.

The Situation

With their core focus on quality service to guests, GreenPark wants to always ensure that their best practices are adhered to, across all locations, departments and subdivisions. Though their internal and external audits ensure this, there was a challenge in scheduling, reporting, tracking non-compliances, chronic issues and deadlines. Heavy and time-consuming paperwork was involved for attaching evidences along with audit reports. There was a need for automation of the whole process.

The Solution

Option Matrix, along with GreenPark auditors, users and key stakeholders, has co-created a solution for audit automation. Through in-depth process assessment and gap analysis of the current audit process, Option Matrix has built a Corporate Audit application which is based on mobile and cloud technology. The application has helped GreenPark in streamlining the audit process using dynamic checklists, real-time reporting and analytics, timely notifications of schedules and deadlines, easy tracking and escalation of non-compliances through reminders & alerts.