Identify KRA’s, Create KPI’s, Track Exceptions

Mobile and cloud-based solution to get real time update on key result areas and
performance indicators with exception alerts on web/mobile dashboards.

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Key Features

Our solution ensures a continous flow of information, updates and reports between the team and the office anytime and anywhere.

Setup Structure

Organization structure can be defined at a granular level in a tree layout. Dimensions, KRA’s & KPI’s are defined for an entity.


Predictive, System, Control & Process analytics can be montiored by defining KPI’s.

More Features


Detailed summary of results can be viewed w.r.t targets set for every KPI. Exceptions are identified and tracked to closure.

Summary Dashboard

A quick summary of results are available on the web. You can view results in the form of graphs and charts for trend analysis.

Default Preferences

You can maintain default settings of the application. These include remainders, alerts, notification email etc.

Manage Permissions

Permissions can be assigned at a granular level for every user. This ensures that irrelevant or confidential data is not accessible to inappropriate users.