In the construction industry, we focus mostly on general contractors, builders and real estate agents. Our team has expertise in purchase & stores, inventory management, maintenance management of heavy equipment & vehicles, project estimation, Field safety audits and Field to office reporting.

Key Features in our Frameworks

  • check-iconField visit record management
  • check-iconSafety inspection module
  • check-iconDocument generation module
  • check-iconMaterial management system
  • check-iconService order management system
  • check-iconPurchase order management system
  • check-iconFleet management system
  • check-iconProject estimation module
  • check-iconFleet financing system

Frameworks and Solutions

We believe 100% in ensuring quality and follow 6-sigma rule as a team.
Innovation and leadership are the pillars of our progress.

Field to office reporting

Our in-house Android Team provides an application to submit site images as well as Field values. This app supports offline and online modes, which synchronises with a database. Subjective and pictorial information of a project can be viewed, managed and downloaded in a PDF file.

Estimation & Field Monitoring

An Android app developed by us, supports offline and online modes of operation with local data storage on any Android device. The database aggregates all pictures and estimates to create formatted bids that are emailed to clients for approval.

Real Estate Photography

The purpose and function of the application is to setup projects and associate each property to a real estate agent. The photographer is able to upload pictures and videos for each property. The application has automated modules to format, package, deliver and host digital media for real estate photographers.

Online Real Estate Marketplace

The core features of this application enables sellers to list properties and buyers to find properties. Financial consultants can offer advisory and appraisal services. Another key feature is the control panel which enables the site owner to track site activity and extract leads.

Audit Automation

This solution helps to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments. It is an integrated solution to create checklists, schedule & record audits and track discrepancies to closure. Best practice checklists based on our global project experience have been pre-loaded into this solution.


Option Matrix R&D team has summarized our experience in specialist areas of providing solutions. Our industry expertise also enables us to provide insights to our clients on the most effective user interface, functional workflow and technology use.

Project management

Field to office reporting and interactive estimation with automated document generation

Vendors and Payables

Vendor rating system is provided. Ageing analysis of payables & integration with QuickBooks.

Purchase and stores

Automation of processes in centralized and site stores for purchase, receipt and issue of items.

Job Order Modules

Tasks can be assigned and tracked via checklists for Field staff. Leave & Claims are included.

Account Receivable

Invoicing module is built with automated notifications. Ageing analysis is provided.

Process Monitoring

Standard operating procedures are logged for each process step. Random Audit is included.

Training Module

Calendar and notifications for training events is managed in this module.

Manpower Module

Attendance logs and time sheets are managed here. Track late attendance & unplanned leave.

Fleet Financing

Financing contracts for vehicles and EMI payment schedules with alerts are provided.

Fleet Maintenance

Workflows and checklists for preventive maintenance, condition/performance monitoring.

Report Syndication

Excel reports are uploaded across locations and are digested to generate CEO dashboard.

Safety Audit

Checklists are defined for Field safety audits and both text / picture updates can be consolidated.

Case Studies

A general contractor and construction management company in the USA has a project based business with project managers, safety inspectors and site supervisors associated to each project. Our team developed an android app with provisions to submit Field updates including site images both in an offline and cloud sync modes. This simplifies the process of generating formatted PDF reports for each project as information is centralised and transparent.