Field Activity Automation for Contractors

Our solution is also for service providers who do field jobs and need to plan project tasks and actions. This solution integrates with the project management module and provides a companion Android App where the staff on the field can see the assigned tasks and submit updates as well as expense claims. General construction contractors, job contractors, land surveyors and road repair contractors are the target segment for this framework. Field activity automation integrates seamlessly with this solution.

Key features

Explore and streamline action and reporting mechanism.


Gives visibility towards action summary, expenses summary and hours summary logged by an individual.

Record progress on scheduled actions

Track and update notes and documents against a scheduled action on daily basis and notify superiors (PM/AM).

Capture timesheets

Any time that goes on scheduled actions can be recorded against a calendar date i.e. record worked hours.

Record expense

Expense spent while handling an action at field/site can be recorded and claimed through this section.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Explore and streamline action and reporting mechanism.

Manage Actions

All project/quotes and task specific actions scheduled until now can be reviewed and managed from this section.

Review actions details

Update action status

Archived actions

Capture time and expense

This section allows recording and managing action specific time and expense entries.

Record action specific timesheets

Record action specific expenses

Seek approval from authorized personnel

Other Features


Summary details of assigned actions, recorded expenses and recorded worked hours can be reviewed in this section.


Actions that are currently active and actions that are marked as completed are listed in this screen.


Time or work hours recorded against each scheduled action are recorded here. And does allows to review approval status and revision in case of rejection.


Allows the user to add and manage leaves for self and does allows to review leave approval status. Additionally, summary of the leaves and their current statuses can be reviewed on individual leave calendar.

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