Field Safety Audits for General Construction Contractors

Our solution is also for service providers who do large scale field construction and need to plan safety audits on weekly or monthly basis. Administration area is provided to manage users and setup inspection checklists. Audits are assigned to inspectors at each field project and the inspector gets a login to a companion Android App where they can see the assigned audit checklists and submit updates as well as images in case of non-compliance. General construction contractors, large scale job contractors and water storage / sewage contractors are the target segment for this framework. All construction where field risk must be mitigated will benefit from this solution.

Key features

Explore and experience high efficiency and accuracy in recording safety inspection results.

User and roles management

Create users and assign roles to manage each user responsibilities at work location.

Manage projects

Add and manage projects and review safety inspection records and files that are attached during the process.

Manage categories and line items

Area where categories can be defined and line items against each category can be assigned. Every category can have many line items linked.

Record inspection report

Perform inspection at project location and update status against each line item listed in the selected category.

Devices available on





Frameworks and Solutions

Explore and experience high efficiency and accuracy in recording safety inspection results.

Create and manage projects

Add new project, assign project manager and record other information that goes into each project profile.

Create project

Assign authorized personnel

Review inspection reports

Update audit details

This is the key area that corresponds to 11 predefined categories and does allows the user to update inspection details.

Update line item status

Attach photos

Add comments

Other Features

Add and Manage User

Section that allows to add and manage users in the system. And does gives brief information about number of projects assigned to each user.

Manage Projects

This screen allows to add and manage projects in the system. And does allows to view inspection details along with the files attached during the inspection process.

Manage Categories & Subcategories

Time or work hours recorded against each scheduled action are recorded here. And does allows to review approval status and revision in case of rejection.

Add and Manager Roles

Area where roles and access permissions can be defied and managed in the system.

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