Mobile and cloud-based solution to ensure a continuous flow of information, updates and reports between the team and the office anytime and anywhere.

Realtime project management and collaboration

Create Checklists

You can create Job Orders specific to Clients, define checklist templates and assign tasks, activities to the field officers.

Record Task Activity

Field Officer can capture all the data required to close the job order including consumables, spares and upload images to capture observations on a mobile application.

Submit Claims

Field Officers can submit claims for the expensas such as Food, Travel and Medical through the mobile platform which can then be approved by the reporting managers through the web.

Summary Report

An interactive dashboard provides a overview of jobs, activities and claims and a summary of various upcoming and overdue tasks along with graphical representation showing distribution trends.


Field 2 Office provides real time status of order of service from the customer location help managers to easily access employee performance and also take corrective measures if the works gets delayed.


A quick summary of the completed Job Orders is available on the mobile application while a detailed summary is available on the web. You can view results in the form of graphs and charts for trend analysis. This section provides a overview of jobs, activities and claims. Summary of various upcoming and overdue tasks can be viewed from this section along with the graphical representation showing distribution trends.

Schedule Tasks & Activities

Task Checklist Templates specific to tasks and activities can be defined through the web interface. These can then be scheduled and assigned to the respective field technicians/ officers.

Work Reporting through Mobile interface

The officers can update their completed job orders through a mobile app by updating the task/ activity checklists as defined by the admin. The field officers can provide update in terms of remarks and also provide images. Any consumables/ spares that might be necessary for the Job order can also be updated by the field officers.


This section allows the field officer to publish claims through the mobile app for categories specific to food, travel and medical claims. The officers can further have a view on the update for their claim approval status.

Manage Permissions

Roles can be defined, and permissions can be assigned at a granular level. This ensures that irrelevant or confidential data is not accessible to inappropriate users.

Error & Event Logs

Events such as audit assignments, checklist updates, ticket history are logged along with technical errors if any.

Case Study

The Situation

EFCO India’s core mission is to enhance safety and productivity of Process Industry by enabling them and take up timely maintenance of critical service activities. They had a challenge in scheduling, reporting and tracking of job orders and the related tasks and activities and following them to closure. Even there was heavy and time consuming paperwork involved for attaching evidences along with spares, consumables and claim reports. There was need for automation of the whole process.

The Solution

Option Matrix along with EFCO’s users and stake holders, has co-created a solution for Work Order and Field to Office reporting automation. Through in-depth process assessment and gap-analysis of the current proces, Option Maatrix has built a Field to office reporting application which is based on mobile and coud technology. The application has helped EFCO in streamling their field to office reporting process by schedulinh predefined real-time tasks and activity templates to their field officers and then tracking the same to closure. It also saved the field officers time in avoiding the lag in reporting time and need for seperate documentation and reporting mechanism. Spares, Consumables and claims during the work order completion became easy to report through mobile interface and get it approved instantly through reminders in temrs of notifications as soon as its raised by the field officer.