Our team has worked on projects for clinical diagnostic labs, neurogenic analysers as well as for various hospitals and pharmaceutical organisations. Key modules we offer to the healthcare industry are HMS ERP, dynamic calendar module and complete audit automation systems.

Key Features in our Frameworks

  • check-iconClinical scheduling
  • check-iconMaterial management system
  • check-iconIntegrated access across multiple locations
  • check-iconDynamic calendar module

Frameworks and solutions

Clinical Scheduling

Clinical scheduling is an application which handles the client’s details and shall map the client to physicians based on their availability. Clinical management integrates clinical, scheduling, electronic medical records and reporting which enables clinics/diagnostics to provide their clients a robust quality and cost-effective manner.

Advanced Neurogenetic Analysing system

This application is specifically developed on an algorithm base, where the sample of the customer are collected and are diagnosed using laboratory equipment. Based on the variables displayed by the equipment, they are uploaded into the application and depending on the variables the system displays the entire data including recommendations and comments as precautions which shall be taken by the customer.

Hospital Management System

This module enables the hospital administration to maintain EMRs and schedule appointments against a patient’s EMR. Patient privacy is protected with a HIPPA compliant software. Patients can view their information on mobile apps with dynamic calendar modules and alerts.

Audit Bench

A typical growth challenge faced by emerging hospitals is the need to consistently maintain best practices at all locations Checklists can be defined for each department and assigned to auditors across locations Mobile or tablet based support to track and record audit results in online as well as offline mode for reports and consolidation.

Case Studies

This solution covers multiple locations for a single chain of hospitals and provides an intuitive dynamic calendar covering constraints of resources, physician availability and specialties across locations in real time - Dynamic calendar is provided and patients have a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms to manage their appointment calendar as well as track the dynamic count down for upcoming appointments.