Operations Automation for Medical Diagnostic Providers

Mobile medical diagnostic companies cater to physician offices that prescribe diagnostic tests to patients and the prescriptions are received by the scheduling team. Appointments are scheduled and technicians are assigned. Interfaces are provided for visit confirmation and recording of test notes by technicians. Reading physicians prepare the reports and these are made available online to referring physicians. There is an insurance claims module and a reports module. This is a web-based solution.

Key features

Diagnostic Scheduling and Revenue Management Solution

Patient and Order Management

Add patient and their insurance information, create order and assign tests based on diagnosis.

Appointment scheduling

Select date based on patient, technician and room availability, and schedule and appointment individually or in bulk.

Confirm appointment

Contact patient through phone or email and get confirmation to show up on appointment date.

Monitor test status

Track and update status against the scheduled appointments/tests. Additional update notes and document if any.

Create and submit claims

Generate claims against completed tests and submit them to corresponding payor i.e. insurance company and track payments.

Generate reports

Download patient and test (completed) specific reports and take to physician for further study and review.

Devices available on




Frameworks and Solutions

Solution that has simplified appointment scheduling, revenue management and reporting mechanism.

Manage patient profile and orders

Record patient profile, update insurance details and create orders. Post which tests and documents can be added.

Easy to create patient profile

Create orders

Record insurance details

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments in bulk or manage existing appointments based on patient and technician availability.

Create appointments

Notify patients

Reschedule appointments

Other Features

Manage Patient Profile & Orders

An integral part of the application where patient and their insurance information can be recorded and managed. Other preliminary operations like adding patient specific orders, assigning tests based on diagnosis and capturing patient medical history if any can also be managed through this screen.

Location Availability

Allows the user to define default room availability and default appointment interval (in mints) against all active test locations for weekdays.

Technician Availability

Manage technician work hours, holidays, weekly offs. Additionally, allow managing non availability of technician on a certain day.

Manage Schedules

Operations like bulk test scheduling and managing existing appointments based on patient, technician, and room availabilities can be managed from this screen.

Manage Physicians

Allows to add and manage potential, reading, referring, and ordering physicians in the system. Any physicians handling a greater number of patients and adding more revenue to business are marked as potential physicians. And this being key operation can be directly managed from grid via status column.

Submit Claims

This is core screen from revenue management module where all patient and test specific preliminary claims can be reviewed and submitted to payor (insurance company) for further course of verification and payment receivals.

Monitor Test Status

This is main screen where the complete log of all the test done by each technician in the system can be reviewed. Furtherly, the icon under details column allows the technician to update test status and record remarks or documents as when the progress is made.

Live Order Report

Summary statistics of orders and their corresponding tests, that are associated to each default test location can be reviewed and exported into CSV file through this screen.

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