Transportation and Logistics perspective

In recent years, we’ve been focusing our efforts in the logistics industry and especially so with truck transportation companies. The team has gained considerable industry knowledge working side by side with business leaders of this industry.

Key Features in our Frameworks

  • check-iconIntegrated automation solutions
  • check-iconSupply chain automation
  • check-iconWeb and mobile architecture
  • check-iconGeo fencing to track moving components of the supply chain
  • check-iconAdmin dashboards solutions
  • check-iconSupply chain automation
  • check-iconMulti user accounts infrastructure

Frameworks and solutions

International Trade Automation

The application automated the workflow for order logging, tracking and fulfilment related to import and export across the US border. There are a wide range of automated checks like prohibited items and blocked lists. Automated document and contract generation is implemented. Integration with FEDEX, DHL and UPS was provided.

Applicant tracking System

This system acts as an automated driver recruitment system, which covers the entire recruitment lifecycle including automated postings on all the job boards, driver background verification, reference checks, call recordings and on-boarding.

Case Studies

An organisation which has a network of certified fleet vendors and provides B2B service to corporate customers with rate contracts for full and partial truck load shipments. Customers can create internal user accounts and place orders. Orders are matched to capacity and processed. Parcel orders are aggregated across gateways and zonal hubs to improve network utilization. Receivables and bills get reported. Orders close with a POD and can be tracked via GPS as well as gateway updates. Route and logistics optimization heuristics are imposed with moderation.