Option Matrix Industry Expertise

Option Matrix R&D team has summarized our experience in specialist areas of providing solutions.
Our industry expertise also enables us to provide insights to our clients on the
most effective user interface, functional workflow and technology use.


Option Matrix has covered automation of purchase, stores, fleet management, inventory control, maintenance, and capital finance especially in open pit mining projects.

  • Purchase & Stores
  • Fleet Financing
  • Audit Automation
  • CEO Agenda

Audit Automation

This solution helps to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments. It is an integrated solution to create checklists, schedule & record audits and track discrepancies to closure. Best practice checklists based on our global project experience have been pre-loaded into this solution. Click here for details

CEO Agenda

The aim of CEO Agenda is to deliver clear insights into the high-level key performance indicators (KPIs) of an organization at a single glance for business leaders. Our intuitive yet detailed dashboards act as a powerful tool for senior management. The vision is to provide real time MIS automation online using mobile dashboards with alerts and escalation.

Purchase & Stores

This solution is to maintain the complete purchase and stores module starting from request raised internally to releasing purchase order and update the store accordingly. We have developed an application which gives hassle free monitoring of stores, spares, material and machinery which are common for a infra company. Vendor management, rating and price history are other key features of this management system.

Fleet Financing

Any infra company where heavy machinery and equipment are used would require a finance module to manage their assets which are on loan from banks or other financial institutes. This application provides the user to manage their term loans, capital loans, EMI schedules. Give reminders on due dates and manage all payments which can be handled from the application directly. Reports can be generated for all activities as needed.