Cloud Based HR Management System providing a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology thereby helping to revolutionize the workplace.

Realizing excellence through human resources

People First solution provides an integrated HR solution for recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement through alignment, fitness and culture.

Recruit Leaders

Through an interactive timeline recruit the upcoming leaders with the best talent and making it a better experience for both the recruiter and the candidates.

Employee engagement

Through fitness and cultural initiatives it helps make sure that the employee is engaged and finds workplace interesting.

Define Goals

Define goals and milestones and reward the employees when the same has been achieved thus enhancing the employee satisfaction levels.

Stay Informed

Stay updated about the upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries and upcoming events through an interactive Dasboard.


Field 2 Office provides real time status of order of service from the customer location help managers to easily access employee performance and also take corrective measures if the works gets delayed.


A detailed summary is available where you can view results in the form of updates and events. This section provides an overview of total employees, upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries, declared holidays and company functions.


New job openings, recruitment and onboarding of candidates can be managed from this module. It has a detailed Applicant Tracking System split into two individual segments of screening and induction. The main purpose of it is to make the recruitment process smooth and efficient and provide the candidates with a good experience.


Fitness both in terms of physical and mental well-being is very crucial for an individual’s success at work place. This module helps to capture the fitness parameters of individuals as data as well as provides a statistical representation over a time frame. This helps an employee to take proactive actions in case there might be a downgrade in the fitness trend.


This module helps increase employee engagement by helping define their growth paths in terms of benchmarks and milestones further resulting in appraisals and awards. This provides increased satisfaction levels to the employees.


Employees spend a considerable part if their day at workplace and hence the work culture and peer group should be more engaging and interesting to work with. Here the cultural activities in terms of milestones achieved by an individual, office events, awards and cultural initiatives can be captured in the form of timeline, photos and videos.


Here the Admin gets the flexibility of defining the overall settings in the application like adding users with permissions managed, manage lookup options, define validation templates and record declared holidays.