Pharma Field Automation Solution

This solution automates the replenishment bonus offer workflow within the pharma industry field sales operations. The first reference site is Pulse Pharmaceuticals with a sales team of 450 people across India. Key pharmacies are issued promotional free quantities on bulk orders and the process requires management of line hierarchy, maintaining the approved pharmacy database and ensuring sync with distributor supplies. The solution also covers order fulfilment and replenishment of stock with distributors after proper verification of documents such as proof of supply and distributor stock statements.

Pharma Field Automation Features

Pharmacy order management and free quantity replenishment for Stockists.

Approved Pharmacies

List of eligible pharmacies can be managed and new approval workflow is provided.

Order Booking

Sales people can book orders and free quantity eligibility will be enforced.

Order Fulfilment

Proof of Supply and part wise settlement statement from stockists are uploaded to enable verification of orders prior to fulfilment.


Pharmacy performance can be monitored across product categories, location and time periods.

Line Hierarchy

There is a comprehensive systemn of Field Sales codes to setup and enforce the sales hierarchy.


Post verification the free quantities are replaced with stockists and confirmation is recorded.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Field force automation solutions

Raw Data

This is the setup and administration module where the master data and the core setup related to geographies, organization and field data is done.

Field App

Sales organization is able to submit new pharmacies for approval including the list of products, minimum order quantity and free quantity.

New orders can and the proof or supply as well as the party wise statement from stockists can be uploaded here. Line hierarchy setup and access is maintained.

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Field force automation solutions

Admin Approval & Fulfilment

This is a permission driven system with field service codes linked to the entire sales organization and the database of locations, doctors and hospitals.

Admin can monitor a list of approved pharmacies and manage the order fulfilment and confirmation process.

Other Features

Master Data

All lists are configured here and apply across the application. Some of the information that is managed here includes departments, specialities, customer types and prescriber status among others.

Users, Roles and Permissions

This is a permission driven system with a set of roles and permissions attached to each role. Roles are assigned to users who in turn are mapped to FS codes.

Global Settings

Application wide settings control access to data across the field organization including products shared across divisions.

Field Sales Codes

There is a detailed hierarchy of FS codes that reflect the line management levels and these FS Codes at the bottom tier represent a combination of a customer with a sub location. This insulates against attrition in field force.

Performance Analytics

This includes oversall summary, new pharmacy approvals, order performance and flags the zero order customers.

Claims and Approvals

Claims can be requested through the mobile app by citing the reason and the amount. An image upload feature allows for any bills to be uploaded if needed.

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