Process Audit Automation for Pharmaceuticals

This is a checklist based process audit automation solution using a web setup module and a mobile based audit logging system. Both user audits and external audits are supported. The site and department hierarchy can be setup and a dashboard is provided to track trends and scores. This solution is design for pharma companies with operations across multiple locations and a centralized coerporate team to monitor compliance to best practices.

Key features

A web and mobile based application that schedules audits, track tickets for its closure and summary metrics.

Create Checklist

You can create questionnaires for individual sections based on the organisation's best practices.


Scheduled audits can be viewed.

Offline Mode

You can also record audits in the mobile application offline.

Track Tickets

Discrepancies found during the audit are raised as tickets. Track them to closure by auto-assignments, reminders & escalations.

Ticket Creation

Tickets can be created from a web application.

CSV Upload

Ability to upload the hierarchy using csv is provided.

Devices available on



Frameworks and Solutions

This is a checklist based process audit automation solution using a web setup module and a mobile based audit logging system.

Hierarchy Setup

Entire hierarchy of the organisation is maintained.

This provides the ability to set up the hierarchy that includes Location, Units and Blocks.

Ability of cloning options for blocks across locations and units is also provided.

Email configuration provides the ability to escalate the reports, tickets.

Create Checklists

Creates and Manage the list of checklists that are assigned while scheduling the audits.

Users can build mobile friendly checklists using our template builder

Supports the five types of responses for each question

Can categorize related questions into sections.

Manage Audits

Schedule audits from a calendar view.

Created checklists can be assigned as audits to respective auditors.

Details of the audits can be viewed.

Can view both completed and schedules at one glance.

Other Features

Manage Tickets

Tickets are used to track non-compliance. They are auto-generated when an auditor submits an audit and are assigned to the concerned staff members so that corrective actions can be taken.

Record Audits

An auditor can start or delegate an audit using a mobile application. Audits can also be recorded offline.

Mobile Audit History

Auditors can view snapshots of completed audits on the mobile app.

Mobile Interface

Our android application helps auditors to carry out audits and capture relevant evidence using image-capture and voice-to-text features.

Summary Dashboard

A quick summary of the completed audits is available on the mobile application while a detailed summary is available on the web.

Summary Reports

Detailed reports can be downloaded as PDF documents along with attached evidence.


Audits are assigned to auditors and can be viewed in the calendar with a bar for each audit along with the auto generated audit id.

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