The team specializes in audit automation and supply chain logistics modules. With constant innovations and industry research, we build solutions to enhance everyday operations. Our supply chain practice has vast experience in executive information systems, inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Features in our Frameworks

  • check-iconOrder fulfillment portals
  • check-iconPurchase and store room automation
  • check-iconMaterial Management module
  • check-iconWeb and mobile architecture
  • check-iconInbound/outbound logistics portals

Frameworks and Solutions

We believe 100% in ensuring quality and follow 6-sigma rule as a team.
Innovation and leadership are the pillars of our progress.

Field to office reporting

Field visit reports consolidation is a common use case in Pharma companies that focus on formulations and ethical segment. Field survey research is used to gather market feedback about new formulations and in clinical trials.

Material management module

Item master can be maintained with cost, supplier, lead time and special instructions. Product master has a provision for a bill of items with quantities that are used. Production schedule can be maintained and is automatically translated into a bill of materials with store availability status. Stores and purchase processes as well as the requisition of material between production and stores is covered.

Order fulfillment and outbound logistics portal

Easily setup the locations of factories, warehouses and depots on a map with is framework. Order queue, invoicing and delivery status monitoring with mobile alerts. You can also manage Inventory control across the network including goods in transit. The application to Use of barcodes or RFID IDs for inventory movement monitoring.

Case Studies

A multi module application created to ease the management of records, appointments and inventory control.

Module 1 : Enables Patient adherence monitoring. Physician prescriptions are integrated and patients get tracking alerts. Pharmacies also get refill alerts and diagnostic centres get prescriptions for lab tests.

Module 2 : Allows a user to consolidate visit reports of medical representatives as they meet physicians or attend events.

Module 3 : Is about stock depots being able to report out of stock alerts and get a likely date from warehousing about availability.