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Web -project for Australian client

We built a large web project for an Australian entrepreneur and got this testimonial as a note of appreciation for the work done by our team

Technology Portfolio – Microsoft .net projects

The first software project in Option Matrix in 2004 was a .net project and the company has been working on this platform since last decade to deliver applications spanning standalone utilities using winforms, client server technologies for electronic healthcare records, back office business applications in asp.net AJAX webforms, e-commerce / CMS projects using ASP.net MVC and integrated applications that sync between the windows component, web database & mobile app. .net technologies is often our preferred choice for enterprise applications.

Financial Analysis Tool for a Fortune 100 Global Firm

This client is a audit and consulting firm worldwide with 6 offices in Australia. The online tool built by Option Matrix automates data entry of trial balances for segments / entities in a configurable client corporate structure. There are separate modules for financial analysis and ABM / segmental data. There is a report builder with advanced PDF integration. Telerik UI controls and Nevron Diagram has been used. A separate module done for the same client involves automated generation of HTML markup with dynamic DHTML menus using an XML file as an input.

Custom ERP for Medical Diagnostic Scheduling of Technicians in Mobile Testing Segment

This project has been done for a client in Texas in Houston. Client has a network of relationships with doctors and maintains a pool of technicians mainly for tests under mobile testing category. The application developed by Option Matrix provides constraint based scheduling workflow and is integrated with Google calendar and EFAX.

Internal Staff Intranet

HR Intranet with online attendance system and workflow for routing of leave applications and petty cash claims. There is a categorized information portal managed using a WYSIWYG HTML editor in admin control panel.

Matchmaking site

Matrimonial site provides the ability to register members who can manage their profiles and send invites and messages to other members. Online text chat rooms are provided. Advanced search feature enables filtration based on a range of criteria. Dynamic content management system provides an easy way to manage the categories, sections and informational pages for the website of industry association. There is a control panel to publish events and customers can register online for events. Newsletter opt-in and opt-out along with ability to compose and publish newsletters is provided.

Online Holiday Guide

Dynamic content management system helps to manage the holiday packages and travel guides listed within the site categories. There is a subscription service where members can choose from a range of plans and there is PayPal recurring billing integration for automatic subscription renewal. In admin control panel the survey questions included in registration form as well as in travel plan form can be managed. The customer responses to survey questions can be viewed as reports with bar graphs and pie charts.

Measurement Survey Portal

Online survey application for performance measurement of schools that receive donation from a charitable foundation. The application provides a spreadsheet like interface to display survey questions and log user responses that can be consolidated in database and queried to view tabular and graphical reports. There is an admin control panel to manage survey sections and questions with their respective options.

Online Project tracking for an IT Company

Web based project monitoring module is ideal for project based firms that need to track activities related to execution of multiple concurrent projects. Tasks, documents and contacts can be linked to specific projects with selective access rights.

CMS Portal for a Political Party

Dynamic content management system for an informational website of a political organization to publish their manifesto and highlight achievements of the leaders.

Surgical Equipment Maintenance Portal

B2B integration solution enables web based integration of a surgical equipment repair providers with hospitals as well as its associated partners. Purchase orders and invoicing is supported through online credit card payments. Integration to FEDEX has been done to track exchange of shipments between hospitals and service centres. Dynamic CMS is provided to manage all informational pages.

Hospital Medical Records Module

Electronic Medical Records facilitate a centralized repository of patient records and profiles of medical practitioners. Workflow with role based rights to update patient records based on medical diagnosis is supported along with patient medication history and online appointment scheduling. Audit Trail and HIPAA compliance is supported.

Pharmacy Module

Pharmacy Management solution is designed to provide solutions for Retail Pharmacy, Chain Management, Institutional Nursing Home, and Mail Order Pharmacy. These services have been developed to generate in-store and corporate efficiencies related to the fulfilment, tracking, and adjudication of prescriptions

Ticketing Portal

Event Management & Ticketing framework covers online membership, payment plans, online payments, ticket booking and printing, event announcements and calendar, event agenda, event feedback, seating arrangement and delegate registration / accommodation.

Reservation Module for a Hotel Website

Online Hotel Reservation system provides membership, online room availability search across a chain of hotels.

Procurement Solution

Purchasing & Material Management covers the inbound process of planning, ordering and acquiring material from vendors. Vendor evaluation, Quotations, purchase orders, good receipt notes and accounts payable are a part of this solution.

Total Productive Maintenance

Plant Maintenance solution covers corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance modules with alerts, notifications, equipment schedules, work orders and equipment availability reports.

Pricing / Cost Management Portal

This project is a costing and pricing portal for property management and there are 3 modules – “room reservation”, “food & beverages” and “services for visitors / external guests”.

Lab on Hire Relationship with a Software Firm in Denmark

The client focuses on providing hosted solutions to clubs in Denmark and serves more than 30 clients. We are the offshore arm of this client in India and our programmers work as per tasks allocated every month. The functional areas include e-commerce, online project management, ranking algorithms, event management and content management

Automated Decision Support for Energy Trading

This is an energy trading portal for end clients and the main purpose is to publish deal moments for gas and energy trading for specific EAN codes as per automated list of strategy parameters managed / assigned in admin control panel

Order Processing Intranet

Sales & Distribution solution manages quotations, customer orders, order processing, invoicing, distribution planning, production planning, stock transfer notes, delivery notes and sales forecasting.

Material Management Solution

Warehouse and Inventory Control application enables full fledged management of material including inflow, outflow and storage locations. Role based workflow is implemented to submit and approve issue and receipt of material. Stock reconciliation is further facilitated by RFID and bar coding.

Inbound Logistics Module

Purchase and Logistics solution aids in procurement requirement planning and automatic generation of purchase orders based on stock, demand forecast and re-order quantity.

Component Shop Planning Module

Production scheduling solution maintains an equipment database along with process flow charts for different components. Equipment schedules can be chalked out for each machine and combined for the entire production plant to create a summary report. Capacity utilization, stage-wise production and work-in-process inventory can be monitored.

Poly-Clinic Operations Automation

Hospital Management covers Hospital Facilities & Tariff Database, Out-Patients Management, Contract Management, In-patients Management, Inpatients Billing & Cash Collection, Surgery Management and admin control module

Photo Album Management Module

Integrated solution for photography enthusiasts or firms to enlist their pictures and submit for printing in desired formats and quantities. Reporting features have been provided to track activities and cash flows.

Content Management Portal

Dynamic Content Managed Web Sites provide a WYSIWYG HTML editor in admin control panel to update all text and graphics on the home page and front end inner pages of the website. Newsletters, forums, role based content submission / approval workflow and category / template updates are the key features that are managed in the admin panel.

Shipment Tracking System

Third party logistics provider needed a solution to track loading of packages into truck shipments and delivery status along the way till the destination. A customer complaint tracking module was also provided.

Order Fulfillment Portal

Sales and Distribution solution manages customer orders, order fulfilment, invoicing and stock transfer.

Store Room Inventory Control

Inventory POS manages sales invoicing with bar coding support and online payment integration. Inventory reconciliation reports, value / consumption based inventory analysis and sales trend reports aid in decision making.

Outbound Logistics Module

Fleet Management solution enables monitoring the movement of vehicles, tracks revenue and expense for each vehicle and provides a preventive maintenance schedule tracking facility.

Store Management Module

Material Management solution covers planning, ordering, acquiring and issue of various categories of non-asset items such as drugs, medicines, oxygen cylinders, disinfectants, consumables, samples, surgical gloves, stationery and aprons among others. Inventory control analyses based or value or consumption can be done and stock reconciliation statements can be printed.

Maintenance Planning Solution

Maintenance Management framework covers corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance modules with alerts, notifications, equipment schedules, work orders and equipment availability reports.Maintenance Management framework covers corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance modules with alerts, notifications, equipment schedules, work orders and equipment availability reports.

Corporate Training Portal

This is an e-learning solution. There is a public site with marketing and profile pages that can be edited from the site administration control panel provided by us. Training programs are listed with respective detail pages and quick preview. These programs are informational and do not involve user input or database interaction. Clients can register and pay to login and get access to training programs.

Book Distributor Mini-ERP

This project is for building an enterprise wide application covering primarily the order fulfillment activities of a publishing entity in Australia. The solution integrates with an online shop and provides supplier related interaction. CLIENT has a book publishing and selling business where products such as books, stationery, computer accessories and related office supplies are sold. There is a physical store, office and warehouse in one single integrated premise. Customers can walk-in and buy items in the point of sale (POS) location. The POS application is connected to an EFTPOS device which allows swiping the credit and debit cards with online approval and integration to the bank account / payment processor. Orders can be received from website or through the 3-5 sales representatives (employees / partners) or from new / existing overseas customers. The purchase orders are released to the specific suppliers and they supply the items for fulfilling the customer orders. Items are dispatched to customers and the loop is closed when the customer acknowledges receipt of items.

Battery E-Commerce Portal

The objective was to design an e-commerce website for Client to display their catalog of batteries online and collect orders which were forwarded by e-mail to be serviced by a third party wholesaler. A visitor can browse the informational content, products with pricing, and can add products to the shopping cart.

E-Learning Portal

This project is intended to offer online training tools to B2B clients. This will improve efficiency of information collection / processing as well as provide vital pre-assessment data and post implementation feedback. Online tools can be sold at a price to clients with subscription renewals. There is a public site with marketing and profile pages that can be edited from the site administration control panel provided by us. Tools reside in business layer and offer a data entry form with charts / graphs alongside and option to print off reports. Scenario analysis possibilities are provided wherever applicable for the tools.

Real Estate MLS Database

Online web interface provides a subscription based service with backend MLS integration to enable potential buyers to search the properties and send enquiries for purchase or viewing. Lead generation is the primary goal and the service is also targeted at real estate agents who can establish client accounts to define specific needs, cluster matching properties and send e-mail notifications.

Community Showcase and Project Management Tool

Showcase and lead generation site with admin control panel to manage listed properties. Phase 2 initiative involved building an online project management tool to track the step by step process of construction as well as handle payments / invoicing related to new homes and repairs in the communities.

Vehicle Tracking Solution in Residential Community

Taxi reservations can be managed and specific drivers can be associated with residents and vehicles. Routing of vehicles can be tracked through online / offline updates.

Commercial Property Listing Portal

This site is online portal for buyers, sellers, agents and builders. Properties can be listed and searched by buyers. The site has banner advertising and provides a lead generation source. Subscription based facilities as well as featured listings and e-mail alerts have been provided. Online blog is provided to create a community atmosphere.

Visitor and Package Tracking Module

Visitor Registration and Security Tracking application was designed as an Intranet over a local network to effectively manage the entry and parking violations of vehicles entering a residential community. The application was designed for a multiple community tracking with a centralized control room facility.

Operation Management System

Operation Management system is an application for a kitchen design related e-commerce website. In the application various modules like sales management, marketing management, inventory management, logistic management, user management, order management, shopping cart etc are developed with different user credentials.

Project Management Application

This is a project management application for kitchen Design Company, where we have 2 types of members. Home owners are the customers who want to design their kitchen and are looking for a professional to design the kitchen for them. This site helps them to find a professional for their job. Professionals are the ones who are into the business of kitchen designing. They can create their account so that they can be searched by the homeowners who are looking for such professionals.

Student Safety Monitoring Portal

There are many schools and colleges which conduct educational camps and tours to their students. Providing security for their students is big challenge for schools. Student Safety Monitoring Portal will provide a security services for students. By using this application Clients can post their jobs through studentswatchers.com, the agents will apply these jobs through online. The clients and Agents will receive SMS and Email notifications for the status of the jobs posted and applied respectively

Document Library Module

Document management system acts as a knowledge library for a consulting firm. There is submission and approval workflow in this Intranet application. Chat rooms, forums and video conference rooms are provided to facilitate communication among consultants located at different client locations.

Paperwork Automation System

Online subscription service provides the ability to configure forms and formatted reports. This is useful for paperwork oriented bureaucratic government departments as well as placement agencies or insurance companies that handle a large volume of applications and need to award certificates / licenses.

Investment Community Site

Business Community Portal has an online subscription service to register entrepreneurs, managers and investors who can form teams to discuss and incubate ideas. The revenue model is based on advertising, featured listings, and commissions on fund flows. The site has a forum to create a community atmosphere and relies on viral marketing to increase its member base.

Timesheet Tracking Solution

Online subscription service to enable staffing agencies towards maintaining the timesheets of their consultants staffed at various client locations. Consultants can fill their timesheets and digital signatures are used for safe approval of timesheets by client reporting managers. The service is offered in Application Service Provider Model with quarterly and annual subscription.

Tele-medicine Portal

Hospital Management System manages all patient records for a sleep disorder treatment facility with multi-location scenario. There are questionnaires to capture disease symptoms and screens to record medications and allergies. Tasks and Reminders can be setup for tracking patient progress. Role based access rights can be defined across staff users. Inventory control features have been provided. There is a module for scheduling appointments and procedures for registered patients. Self Service web portal enables patients to register and login to an account panel for recording their sleep disorder symptoms as well as the log of sleep hours. The questionnaire responses can be reviewed as summary tables and graphs.

Hospital Invoicing Module

Patient Billing and Accounts Receivable framework handles invoicing patients in a hospital based on services rendered including consultation or surgery or laboratory services. The accounts receivable module manages corporate and institutional clients or claims from health insurance providers.

Hospital Capital Equipment Register

Asset Management solution maintains a register of capital items like surgical equipment, furniture, beds, specialized medical devices, X-Ray machines, CT Scanner Equipment and the wide variety of equipment used in the hospital. Such equipment is catalogued in terms of date of purchase, service life, replacement date, cumulative maintenance cost and other attributes.

CEO Agenda

CEO Agenda

The main source of advantage in the business comes from the business leaders's unique way of thinking and doing things. Organisations are often like photo copies of their business leaders. Have you created a custom software that reflects your unique way of thinking and doing business?

Technology is a magnifier. It loudly highlights both what is brilliant as well as the gaps in the processes. Dynamic business leaders are not intimidated by gaps but embrace the transparency and visibility of information to create a adaptive fast paced enterprise.

You should not use custom software everywhere in the business but only in those processes that are very special and unique to your business and which make you superior and specialized compared to the competition.

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Lab on Hire

Lab on Hire

We have great respect for innovative product development enterpreneurs who risk time and capital to make technology accessible to the masses. Option Matrix serves as an offshore development partner for product companies around the world with tremendous enthusiasm and pride

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