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Project Methodology

Option Matrix project methodology is aligned with Rational Unified Process(RUP). This is an innovative software engineering process and this involves four phases as follows

The objective of the inception stage is to achieve concurrence among all stakeholders on the lifecycle objectives for the project (e.g. project scope, boundaries and associated conditions, acceptance criteria) and determination of project schedule, resources and cost.

The elaboration stage focuses on the engineering process and involves analysis of the software design architecture, baselining of the project vision and construction plan along with rationalization of the project plan. The outcome of this stage includes the system use case model, refined non-functional specifications, software architecture documentation, revised risk list and a development plan.

In the construction phase, the actual implementation / development begins. Objectives are to optimize resources and processes to produce a complete and fully functional software product.

In the final transitional stage, the software product is deployed, and the objective is to make the users self-supporting and for the project to be completed on time and within budget. Beta testing, acceptance testing, training, fine-tuning, project assessment and sign-off all occur in this stage.

Business Advantage Of RUP

RUP provides a clear, repeatable process needed for the on-time, in-budget development of quality software, which meets current business requirements and is scalable to future needs.

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