Kick Start Your Sales Process

Cloud-based solution to manage your sales pipeline with an up-to-the-minute
view of your entire sales funnel on a clean,visual Dashboard.

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Key Features

We provide a complete business solution for your Sales and Marketing Strategies.


A detailed summary is available where You can view results in the form of graphs and charts for trend analysis. This section provides a overview of active prospects, conversion ratios, conversation ratios, opportunities ratio and distributions for marketing, sales, opportunities and prospects. Summary of various upcoming and overdue tasks can be viewed from this section along with the graphical representation showing distribution trends.

Track opportunities

You can capture the clients that have begun a conversation for a project and capture the movement of as they move through the sales process with an interactive Kanban type drag and drop layout..

More Features

Manage Repeat

Once a client project is awarded, you can capture the repeat and referral business potentials coming from them and maintain an ongoing relationships. This also provides an interactive drag and drop Kanban card layout.

Validate Prospects

You can define the marketing process flow and capture the movement of prospects as they move through the marketing process with an interactive Kanban type drag and drop layout.

Determine Accounts

You can determine what are the possible accounts with a prospective client. Here you can also see a geographical distribution of the accounts on a google map interface.

Record contacts details

You can capture the details of the different contacts that are associated with an client account.

Manage Referrals

Maintain repeat and referral business pontentials with the existing clients by capturing the flow sales flow through a interactive kanban drag and drop interface.

Create Campaign

You can create campaigns to target prospective market segments in terms of industrial domain specialisation and geographical preferences.

Generate Leads

You can capture and update the the details of leads of your prospects and mark them as active or inactive as being a hot lead or otherwise.