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Supply Chain Automation System

Client has a network of certified fleet vendors and provides B2B service to corporate customers with rate contracts for full and partial truck load shipments. Customers can create internal user accounts and place orders. Orders are matched to capacity and processed. Parcel orders are aggregated across gateways and zonal hubs to improve network utilization. Receivables and bills get reported. Orders close with a POD and can be tracked via GPS as well as gateway updates. Route and logistics optimization heuristics are imposed with moderation.

Project Analytics & Warehouse Management

Warehouse and Inventory Control application enables full-fledged management of material including inflow, outflow and storage locations. Role based workflow is implemented to submit and approve issue and receipt of material. Stock reconciliation is further facilitated by RFID and barcodes.

Project management and Field to Office Collaboration

Project management application is an integration of multiple modules, where in the admin can track and manage the activities of a project. Project manager can quote for a new project and make the prospect as a client. This web application allows to create new activity and allocate the resources to the same. Attendance management of the resources is handled with ease using action scheduling and resource scheduling. It also has the ability of maintaining and handling Payroll and expenses of the resources.

Audit Automation

Build Checklists, Conduct Audits and Track Discrepancies. Mobile and cloud-based solution to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments.

Advanced Neurogenetic Analysing System

This application has an inherited algorithm which automatically displays the result, based on the sample provided. This application was specifically developed on an algorithm base, where the samples of the client are collected and diagnosed using laboratory equipment. Based on the variables uploaded into the application by the equipment, the system displays the entire data including recommendations and comments as to what precautions the client should take. Clients have a provision to login to the application and view demographics, uniquely generated detailed and summary report. Doctor can view the statistics of the client’s sample variables and could view the order list by month/year.

Real Estate Management System

A realtor management system or a property management system is similar to a CRM software. Designed for companies in the real estate business, this software automates the entire sales process. The key functionality of RMS is that it tracks both new listings and new leads simultaneously, on the dashboard. Another feature to note is that a realtor or broker can sync their upcoming events page to a Google calendar for easy access. RMS software can be used by realtors, brokers and anyone in the real estate industry with substantial amounts operations.

Clinical Scheduling

Clinical scheduling is an application which handles the client’s details and shall map the client to physicians based on their availability. Clinical management integrates clinical, scheduling, electronic medical records and reporting which enables clinics/diagnostics to provide their clients a robust quality and cost-effective manner.

Applicant Tracking System

ATS is a software designed to digitalise recruitment and hiring needs. The software acts as a tool for on-boarding prospective applicant through scheduling automated calls, emails, follow-up and interview appointment, as well as captures the data of appointed candidates. This application has an on-boarding mechanism which shall filter the outstanding applicant's using its defined and unique stages of approach in hiring.