High Intelligence. Strong Fitness

We strive to recruit capable and interesting people. We see recruitment as the opportunity to choose our friends. We are who we recruit.

IQ is the horse power of the mind and crucial for problem solving and meta cognition. High IQ is a precondition to participate in our recruitment process. We value strong fitness, integrity, discipline, compassion, enthusiasm, creativity and communication skills alongside subject matter expertise.

"You are the average of your five best friends"

Core Values

Option Matrix welcomes the magic of genius in every shape and form. We ignore superficial differences such as gender or ethnicity or color or age or body type and welcome diverse people from all walks of life. We continuously explore, observe, listen and challenge assumptions. We educate our associates to recognize the underlying unity and dynamic interplay between the whole and its parts. The Map is not the territory. Look for Middle Ground.

Organization is a platform to manifest your ambition and inspiration. You are your actions.

We cultivate the organisation as a platform to manifest inspiration and incubate leadership in sync with business progress and community harmony. Explore Possibilities and Lead by Example.

You are the average of your five best friends. The magic lies in collaboration and interdependence.

We believe in going the extra mile. Give more than you take. Plus Ultra is our passion.

Make progress everyday. Wisdom comes from experience.

One to One interpersonal conversations is the best way to collaborate. We believe in leading by walking around the workplace rather than do group meetings.

Business thrives on leadership via excellence. See the way, show the way. Beyond acceptance we challenge people to become the best version of self. We encourage young leaders to drive everyday progress and organization success.

One Step at a time. Two is a crowd. Minimalism improves focus and reduces problems.

Practice makes perfect. Observe, perceive, think, feel and respond with wisdom. How you do one thing is how you do everything. The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.

We are simple, honest and straight forward in our relationships. We strive to be precise and concise. We say things as they are in a direct and bold manner. Please strictly avoid beating around the bush with indirect statements.

Commitment is everything in business. We walk away from deals that do not match our expertise and business intent. The most important behavior is to always under commit and over deliver by going the extra mile all day everyday.


Zero Criticism Policy

The most respected people are the doers. We encourage self expression and appreciate people for their strengths. Our method is zero criticism policy. Gentle behavior wins. This does not preclude contextual feedback. Silence improves capacity for action.

Fitness and Family first

Don't compromise the Billion in pursuit of the Million. Cultivate Family as permanent friends.

Happiness Always

All success lies outside comfort zone. Every action is an experiment and failure is the key to success.

Higher Ground

Commitment towards organization and team goals is the path to progress and leadership

Cultivate Love

People don't change. We accept, respect, encourage and appreciate our associates, We relate to people based on strengths.

God is a Woman

We value compassion, love and kindness. We respect people based on strengths and actions. We provide equal opportunity.

Meta Cognition

Calm is a super power. Stress reduces intelligence. Challenge Assumptions. Introspect before committing any work product.

Imperfect is Okay

We do not expect people to be perfect. We value and respect people based on their strengths. Failure is the stepping stone to success. We demand everyday progress.

Don't Advice

People don't change. We celebrate people for their talent and strengths. People need opportunity not advice. People are happiest as the best version of themselves.

Don't Gossip

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Be Concise and Precise. Talk only if it is better than silence.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Neither relationships nor situations are ever perfect. Forgive & Forget. Let it be and Let Go. Good Enough is acceptable. Utopian Perfection is not real. Stay focused on the primary goal and don't get stuck in diversions or arguments or distractions. Gentle Behavior Wins.

Style & Fashion

Substance and Style are two sides of the same coin. We design software with beautiful look & feel alongside serving the intended purpose . We expect people to be interesting, fashionable and creatively manifest a style that represents authentic self expression.

Nothing Personal

We believe in win-win or no deal. Our relationships are professional not personal. We recommend social distancing to create an organization based on self validated and loosely coupled collaboration. We operate on arms length relationships driven by gravitation rather than magnetism.

Win Respect

Excellence is about doing work that is useful to the organisation and community. The primary source of respect is excellence and consequent leadership. Mutual Respect is amplified by inspiration and multiplies happiness everywhere.

Join us, For Progressive Skill Development

We promote self expression with focus on fast learning curve and rapid skill development. The most special thing about working with Option Matrix is that each associate progresses not just professionally but also becomes a healthier, happier and smarter human being with a stronger commitment towards always giving the highest priority to fitness and family.

Body Positive

We celebrate diversity and see people as their actions. We drive gender diversity, progress and youth leadership.

Strong and smart personalities with video confidence are preferred in our recruitment process. Fitness First is our foundation. Read More