Sales Automation Solution

Sales automation software is designed to automate the sales operations of an organization and covers lead management with analytics. The primary objective of the solution, is to provide a detailed administration module with a section for business planning and portfolio management.

Sales Automation Services Features

Advanced Key Features built up in Sales Automation Software

Manage Users

Create users with the help of email verifications, assign them with permissions and define the user roles.

Lead Management

A detailed interface to manage the funnel in terms of entering leads at research stage and tracking the progress through conversation, possibility, prospect and closure stages.

Business Planning

The business planning feature defines the structure and growth of the organisation.


The portfolio tab helps in adding and managing projects, documents and paperwork of the organization within their associated categories.

Campaign Dashboard

The dashboard displays the distribution of projects in the form of graphs, and charts, which gives an overall view of operations, statistics, and metrics.

CEO Agenda

Review the performance individual Key Result Areas in the organisation.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Advanced CRM Automation Software for Lead Management Solutions.

Lead Management

Possibilities & Prospects: Track the conversations with the prospects and the requirements and meetings can be locked on this module.

Contacts: The master data of all the contacts is available on this tab. Contacts of Leads/ Prospects can be added and filtered for search.

Parallel Projects: Represent multiple projects done for individual clients.

Campaign Dashboard

Constant Contact: Provides a summary of the prospects at every stage of the lead generation process.

Score Card: The scorecard displays the progress of individual executive as per the campaign deliverables. This screen helps in rank the growth of employees throughout the year.

Salesforce crm automation software

Other Features


Manage all the screens of the application and new screens can be added from this tab.

Colour Codes

This page is used to manage the colour codes for every client in the lead tracking process.

Campaign Management

The list of target industries, countries, categories and time zones are assigned and managed in the admin tab.

Kanban View

Works as a drag and drop tool across the application. The admin tab helps in managing and customising the steps.


The Research tab helps record the data collected from multiple sources based on the research questions and backlog data in the form of docs which can be retrieved when required.

CEO Agenda

This screen shows the performance of Key Result Areas in the organisation.


This window focuses on tracking the possibilities of sales process, manage and track the challenges, and also measures to be taken for the next steps.

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