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Option Matrix culture is built around continuous improvement and places very high importance on physical fitness

The focus is always to deliver the best in-class, defect-free solutions and services to the customer as per requirements and expectations, thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction indices, which in turn will enhance business and revenues. We encourage leadership as the path to excellence.

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Option Matrix welcomes professionals from both IT and non IT backgrounds for most jobs. Most of our talent is home grown and lateral entry is limited. We cultivate excellence through first time right deliverables, strict technology standards and continuous improvement in quality metrics. The highest benefit of working with Option Matrix is often cited as fast learning curve and rapid skill development.

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Custom Application Development for Technology Driven Business Transformation

Option Matrix team is highly focused on zero defect tolerance and standards driven implementation of projects with delivery on schedule.

Real Estate photography project, USA

Quality :

I cannot evaluate the server application code, only the user and admin interfaces; so on those I rate a 5.

Productivity :

Sometimes things seem to slow down but I think that just me not complete understanding the scope of the project on the server side. 4.5

Communication :

EXCELLENT 5, Everyone is always available.

Predictability :

Because the communication is EXCELLENT, 5, I am able to count on the level of performance and expectations so again 5.

Professionalism :

Highest level of Professionalism - If I could rank this as a 6, I would. I am impressed with the level of professionalism at all levels and with everyone I have interacted with.